In school No. 57 is created the governing Board for the normalization of the educational process

Moscow, September 12 – AIF-Moscow.

Administration of school №57 Department of education set up a steering Board for the normalization of the educational process after the scandal with school teacher, who was accused of having a sexual relationship with students, reports TASS.

Media: children’s Ombudsman commented on the scandal in a Moscow school number 57

It is reported that this advice will not only normalization of school processes, but also by establishing a new and open system of school management.

The document spelled out five challenges for the Board: filling of vacancies arising among teachers, coordination of psychological work with children and teachers, interaction with communities, parents, students and alumni, as well as the search for a new Director of schools and the creation of a special Commission to develop a code of ethics of the school.

Comprised of 10 people.

Recall that the scandal with the school began on August 29 with a post journalist Ekaterina Krongauz, who said that for 16 years a history teacher at a Moscow school had an intimate relationship with his students.

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