Women, take heart! What you need to know about androgens

Myth 1. The woman with an excess of male sex hormones unlovable and cannot have children.

On the contrary, many such women have great sex appeal and good fertility. The fact that any women without obvious pathology in the body, of course, more female sex hormones – estrogens. But there are male hormones – androgens. And although they are much smaller, they are also necessary, without them it is impossible the maturation of the reproductive organs.

Hormones acting up. What is the danger of endocrine diseases and how to detect them?

Mature women are faced with excess androgens defects in the adrenal glands, ovaries and brain. This sometimes disrupted the cycle – menstruation becomes rare and scarce. To female trouble are added for men: acne and boils, which appear due to excess sebum. The appearance of hair on the face, chest, thighs, in women – it is the first typical sign of hormonal balance. But only in severe cases, it develops infertility.

Myth 2. Most sexy tall, leggy blonde.

There is nothing easier than to dispel this myth. Just growth of tubular bones that determine the length of the legs of a teenage girl, significantly inhibited as soon as you start to be produced in the body female sex hormones. That is, long-legged lady – girls with delayed sexual development. And light color of hair and eyes – generally a sign of a weak sexual Constitution, dark-haired dark-skinned people are much more excitable than.

How hormones affect hair growth on face and body women

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Myth 3. Treatment for hair harmful and has no effect.

In most cases it is not. Doctors prescribe female hormones – female or those that are produced by the brain or adrenal glands. Such hormonal treatment is carried out for a long time – months and even years. Therefore, until they reach the desired result, you need to deal with waxing or tweezers.

In facts and figures: estrogens cause the body to store fat

Sometimes the doctors prescribe to women male sex hormones as a cure for uterine bleeding, mastitis, breast cancer and endocrine diseases – Addison’s disease and acromegaly. Androgens are included in the composition of hormonal contraceptives. Therefore, if the doctor considers necessary use of such drugs, it causes less harm to the body than the lack of the necessary hormones.

Myth 4. The appearance of antennae in women is a serious problem.

This is not so. Most women are hard to survive this disease, some even bring myself to neurotic disorders and depression. To avoid this, you need to seek the assistance of a therapist. In addition, on advice from the endocrinologist will explain to you that a moustache could grow back in healthy pregnant women due to hormonal changes.

Constantly have to deal with the vegetation burning brunettes. In these cases, other manifestations of androgen excess are not available, and therefore treatment is not necessary.

But if suddenly the hair started to grow where there previously was not in sight, it is necessary to go urgently to the gynecologist. Perhaps at the first examination, he finds the disease of the ovaries is one of the most common causes body hair growth in male pattern. If the examination revealed a cyst or tumor is ovarian, adrenal or pituitary gland, then surgery is needed.

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