“Air navigation service Turkmen Airlines in Russia will cease for a debt of $220 thousand

– Aeronavigation service of flights of airlines “turkmenkhovaellary” (Turkmen Airlines) in the airspace of Russia will be terminated on 19 September from-for debts of the company.

As they say in the message of Federal air transport Agency, the Department informed the carrier about an emergency suspension of service of all flights of the company in connection with the existing overdue debts before FGUP “State Corporation on air traffic services in the Russian Federation” (FGUP GK ATM).

The office noted that through the airspace of the Russian Federation the airline operates flights from Ashgabat to Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as transit flights to Minsk, Birmingham and London.

“The suspension of flights “turkmenkhovaellary” in the sky over Russia – a result inconsistent actions of the Turkmen airlines. For 2016, the Turkmenistan airlines has repeatedly assumed warranty obligations for the full settlement of overdue debts for air navigation services aircraft before GK ATM. First, the carrier has pledged to pay for the services to 27 August 2016 and then to September 14, 2016. However, the deadlines of the warranty obligations are not fulfilled. As of September 14, 2016 debt for the Turkmenistan airlines is $220 thousand”, – stated in the message.

In this case, the Ministry stressed that the suspension of air navigation service of flights of the airline will be carried out “in full compliance with the Russian legislation”, the head of Rosaviatsia Alexander Neradko d in a telephone conversation on 13 September 2016, informed the head of the State national service “turkmenkhovaellary” of dowran Saburov.

“Rosaviatsia hoped for a speedy settlement of the existing problems and notes that after debt is repaid in full, all restrictions will be removed,” – noted in the Russian office.

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