“Valery Gazzayev: I bet I can change Russian football

The presidential candidate of the RFU explained why he decided to run for this post and how to get the image of Russian football

Valery Gazzaevu: TASS, Anton novoderezhkin

– The candidate in presidents of the Russian football Union, the former coach of Russian national team and PFC CSKA Valery Gazzayev in interview to the correspondent of “Interfax” Gregory Enikolopov explained why he decided to run for President of the RFU and how to get the image of Russian football.

– Valery Georgievich, your decision to run for President of the Russian football Union, of course, not just any?

– Of course. First and foremost, I am grateful to the Association of domestic trainers on football, put forward my candidacy for President of the RFU. I understand the concerns of our best coaches, people who all their life to football, which has achieved a lot in domestic football. Therefore, the opinion and position of those people for me is not only important, I fully support that we have discussed. Moreover, I can say that after the 2014 world Cup in Brazil, wrote a collective letter to the Minister of sports of Russia Vitaly Mutko, expressing concern at the situation in football, and advocating for mandatory reforms and restructuring of the national football. Unfortunately, the answer is no, we have not waited, perhaps it was predictable.

Gazzaev is a four-time champion of Russia (once the “Alania” in 1995 and three times with CSKA in 2003, 2005 and 2006), four-time winner of the Cup of Russia with CSKA in the seasons 2001/02, 2004/05, 2005/06, 2007/08), as well as the winner of the UEFA Cup with CSKA in the 2004/05 season. From 2002 to 2003, he coached the national team of Russia.

I think that if our football was good, no one would have thought and spoken about the problems that now exist but, unfortunately, in 2010, when thanks to the authority and influence of the President of Russia, we have won the bid to host the world Cup in 2018, no changes until today, no. And you are witnesses this: since 2010, we are very steadily go down and down to the fact that nowhere after a year we have to face a fighting team in the Confederations Cup, a year later at the world championship-2018.

– What is the point of your election of the program the most important?

– Very important, I think the young player rule (according to which the starting lineups for all Premier League clubs took the pitch would be at least one Russian player under-21 and first division clubs – under 20 years of age – if). I think it is now more important than ever, and if we introduced it in 2014 what I said earlier and in the Federation Council and Public chamber, the state Duma, I think now we got 50-55 young players who would be at 24-25 years is the most combat age. In this case, the coaches of the national team there would be more candidates. All these questions – they are certainly very relevant, but, unfortunately, you see that the RFU, I think, and the Ministry of sport of the Russian Federation, engaged in everything, but not football. Therefore, any laws that would contribute to the qualitative growth of football, no.

Why there have not been any actions for youth football? Why we have absolutely no victories on the level of youth football? Why is our youth team since 1988 misses at the Olympic games since the 1997 team under 21 years does not fall on the world Championships? It’s the most important thing! Well, where do we get the people who have joined today the national team, if we have no youth football?

– How much years you need to introduce a rule a young player to get possible candidates for the national team?

– For three years, it will rejuvenate the whole of our football. If we introduce this rule then the team will not be a young player, and at least four for each position. What happens? We get more players and choices. They will have a constant game practice to regularly engage with the core team to progress and then even on the theory of probability will appear the candidates in the national team.

So our football is needed here are, I would say crucial decisions, they have had a long time to accept. If in 2010-2011, even in 2014, would introduce a rule a young player, then four years later we would get good players with good emotions. By 2016 we would have players.

– In what period of time, in your opinion, the national team was the strongest?

2010. It was then that our team was the strongest for all time of existence of Russian football.


Because the backbone of this team consisted of players of CSKA and Zenit who won the UEFA Cup (now Europa League). Further, these players achieved the highest achievements, where they became bronze Champions of Europe-2008, and in 2010 was in the juice. I believe that was then the strongest national team. Well, what do we got now? Did not get to the 2010 world Cup in South Africa in 2012 came to Euro 2012, but not out of the group, the 2014 world Cup in Brazil (not out of the group] – we are all witnesses, there is nothing to discuss. And the European championship in 2016 just don’t want to talk. In General, now well see what we came up with. Therefore, in my speeches, I say that if the reforms began in 2014, when we adopted the program of development of football, today, I think we would not be in such poor condition.

– You said that the strongest team was in 2010. Then why aren’t we qualified for the world Cup in South Africa?

Because it was ineffective and unconvincing job of head coach Guus Hiddink.

– Am I correct in understanding the above, what do you think is responsible for all the failures in the Russian football the former and current leadership of the RFU?

– Of course. After the European championship in 2016 and fair criticism of the team Leonid Slutsky, a responsible person, did not fulfill the task took, I believe, the right decision by writing a letter of resignation from the post of the head coach. Why did the President of the RFU? He did not participate in any programs? Yes, you can say that we have this level players a level of football is the easiest to say. I believe that should be the responsibility of both managers and performers. In 2014, after the Italian team did not qualify from the group world Cup, the President of the Italian football Federation and the coach wrote a letter of resignation. I believe this is the correct professional approach. This life isn’t always all that good, but people should be able to be responsible not serious business work.

– Still, let’s talk about Euro 2016 in France. What kind of football we had to show that it was not condemnation, from both professionals and fans?

We had to play so that all the world football community saw our prospects, saw our serious intentions ahead of home 2018 world Cup. They are now left, but, unfortunately, we ourselves have complicated the task from the point of view of psychological and moral state. Therefore, the mood of the people of our country and the fans was clear: the world Cup takes place in Russia every day. If you take the history of Soviet and Russian football, and Eastern Europe, for the first time in our region is such a grandiose, large-scale tournament. For us it is a very important milestone, and we already had to prepare for it.

Sujeewa-2016Все materials plot

– After a disastrous Euro 2016 fans left disappointed. Although “disappointment” is an understatement, this anger I have not seen. I thought, well, okay, now passions subside, and the people will go back to the stands. And here we have a new team, new coach, after the first Euro home game with Ghana, but the audience was half of the stadium, and some of those who were left after the first half. Why? How to return to the stands of spectators?

– Popularization of football – that’s one of the main issues. We had a long time to begin to popularize in preparation for a home world Cup. I always say that we need on the Federal channels in every possible way to popularize football, youth football, to which very little attention, because it is the base for the future generation and our future achievements. And of course, the results. If we do not have results at the level of club teams in the Champions League and Europa League on the national team level, I take the European and world Championships, youth Championships, youth Olympic games etc, what interest can there be?

As for the match with Ghana, I think today the fans must be nice, understand football, the more that has just passed the European championship in France. Moreover, the resentment and frustration experienced by football fans, of course, went nowhere: not healed the wound. If played with the Argentine national team, would be a full stadium, and the players ‘ motivation would have been different. Matches with Ghana, Turkey, then another with Costa Rica (October 9] with all due respect, well, that’s very “serious” contenders. The players of these games any good not getting. The voice of the people is the voice of God, so people get up and leave after the first half.

I believe that all these issues are associated with extremely poor today, the reputation of the RFU. The main information task – to remove the negative background that exists around the Russian football around the fur around the team. It’s not so easy to immediately: take overnight and turn things around. We cannot say that we are all so beautiful, nothing happened, work on, forget all this. It is necessary to correctly analyze the errors, that is the question.

Now I have brought down upon themselves the criticism of colleagues and specialists. Why don’t we have football?

– Because we have no system. Why no results? Because there is no system that would allow to build a football. When is the correct analysis when there is a system, then there will be football. If there system more options in order to better perform at major international competitions, including world Championships, European and Olympic games, and it certainly is to some extent a political issue, the country’s prestige, the prestige of the nation, etc.

Let’s see, we were with you to witness how people who were involved in Euro 2016, they sing their national anthem. I have the feeling that they’ll be getting out of cowards that only let them out on the field, they will crush anyone they want. And as we sang? Someone sang, someone moved his lips, someone was embarrassed. We are ashamed that we are citizens of their country? We live in this country? Is it permissible? The solution to this issue lies in the area of responsibility and a football Manager and coach. This needs to work.

– Does it make sense to introduce a salary cap? There is a perception that players don’t want to play for the national team as in clubs, they earn much more.

– When I coached CSKA, I had a lot of Brazilians, and four people were taken to the national team of Brazil is Jo, Vagner, Carvalho and Dudu. You know, I saw their desire to play for the national team. Wagner told me: “You have no idea what it is for us to play for the national team, we are ready to play, we are ready to play for our people.” That’s patriotism, that love of country!

– You said just now about love of country, and I draw Parallels with hockey. The seventh of September was the anniversary of the death in a plane crash hockey “Locomotive”. As told by the father of the Yaroslavl club striker Alexander Galimov, who took a long time to the national team because of the competition, after being hit in the lineup was set by the defender, but said head coach Vyacheslav Bykov that he was ready to play goalkeeper in the national team. In hockey I get no less than in football, but why do players have motivation to play for the national team, and players, one gets the feeling that she is missing?

– There are already first role out education: the issues of national pride and patriotism. It was an honor to wear the shirt of the USSR national team, and every player in the Soviet Union dreamed of playing for the national team. We need to radically change the situation, to show people the prestige and strength of our nation. It is better that we demonstrated on the football field, on the wrestling carpet, at the hockey venues that were always stronger, better. This is how we must now demonstrate their power and their strength. The activities in this issue is a great thing.

– Leonid Slutsky said in an interview that the coaches in Russian football are unable to influence the strategic development of the game: the Executive Committee of the RFU there is no representative from the coaches. You himself a former player and coach, if he wins the election, will consider the opinions of coaches?

– I agree with Slutsky. The fact that not only the Executive Committee no coach, even in committees no football people who should definitely attend. It’s all fiction. There are the Association of Ukrainian coaches, we often meet and talk about football, about tactics, but it’s not necessary, it is not necessary the RFU.

Here we take the year that has passed since the election of the President of the RFU. You people are sports, I write a lot about football, we have at least one law of the RFU released? The law of qualitative change in Russian football? Spent some serious changes? I’m not talking about reform. No President of the RFU did not go to the polls with his clear program. Take, for example, sports school for children, I never never read that for each age group should have its own system of methods of training: 6 to 9 years from 9 to 13, from 14 to 16, and so has the technique, its principles of training, etc. we do nothing.

Why was I always as a rule a young player? At the European championship our team was the most age, God bless Igor Akinfeev, brothers Berezutsky, it is a pity that Sergey Ignashevich has finished playing for the national team. On the one hand, these players are an example. In sports, everything happens for a reason. Believe me, I know how they worked, how they relate to their duties, it is the invisible world of tears, how they trained, how they work spent in order to achieve recognition and titles. Therefore, they are almost 15 years in service and still in demand. But sometimes it seems that they will play forever.

– What to do with the limit on foreign players?

It’s not necessary. This to your question on the limitation of salaries: no limit on foreign players will improve all wages. I think it should be canceled because there will be absolutely fierce competition. Only in these conditions we can achieve some results and get good Russian players.

In 2005, limits no one was looking. Such players as Hulk or Wagner will contribute to the growth of our players, and all the artificial rules that we introduce only aggravate the problem.

– Frankly speaking, you have only one real rival at the election of the President of the RFU Vitaly Mutko. You have with him some kind of contradiction?

– I don’t have any contradictions, I’m always all people are treated with great respect, but I think that everyone should practise their profession, one that he knows well, which can benefit his country and his people. Here’s what you need. Here you are a great journalist and you must write great articles, essays, etc. and everyone needs to do their job.

Спорт18 Aug 2016Мутко, Gazzaev, Ephraim, and Pryadkin was presidential candidates Hsitate read more

I will say again that I all people are highly respected, but I think that in any industry should work professionals, and he lived in accordance with the principle of responsibility for what you do. So don’t look for no motive related to their personal relationships. It is possible.

Yes, of course, in the governance of football needs to be good financiers, analysts, top managers and lawyers. It should all attend, but it is necessary to speak about quality, the tactics, the growth of football.

– What can you say about the other candidates on a post of the head of the RFU – the President of the Russian football Premier League Sergey Pryadkin and head of the national Football League Igor Efremov?

– I have nothing good and nothing bad can not say. I treat everybody with respect.

– You were one of the most successful if not the most successful coach in the history of Russia. Why did you decide to go for a managerial position?

– Because you want to change something, because I see no changes, nothing. I want to change football, I want our football proud. I don’t agree with those who say that we are not a football country. Then let’s forget about all the traditions and our history! We were twice Olympic Champions, were bronze medalists at world Championships, won the championship, were winners of the European championship, two of our club won the UEFA Cup. Yes, small achievements of Russian football, but they are. If you do not remember about the traditions, we can say that we are not a football country and that she was a football, you need to build a system of management and development. We all talk a lot, but no one does.

– Tell me, if the joint football championship was held,…

Today there was no such problem, absolutely sure, and our team would be better. We have created a very good idea.

– Everything to do with issues of youth football, I agree with you. But you personally, watch out for children’s social football projects? For example, for 11 years there is an Outdoor championship on football among the orphanages and boarding schools “the Future depends on you”, in which teams from different regions of Russia and abroad, which, incidentally, often visits Leonid Slutsky, and where, believe me, talented people a huge amount. If you become head of the RAF, the attention You will devote to such projects where they can reach potential “collections”?

Of course this is a very important social project, of course, our common task is to pay close attention to such things. By the way, I am a curator of domestic football. There is a very interesting, sorry, not always time for that, but whenever possible, I attend and help this tournament. In our program for the reorganization of the Russian football raised a very important priority – the development and assistance of regional football.

– Why regions?

Because the regions provide a huge number of players who then go to good clubs and national team. This is very important. Our program includes a mandatory paragraph: clubs at the end of the season had to transfer 10 percent of revenues to children’s sports schools. Today, children’s football is financed by a residual principle.

I hope that home field will give a very powerful impetus to the development of football in Russia, because the infrastructure will be built, there will be many good opportunities in order to realize himself in football.

In 1995, when the “Alania” became the champion of Russia, children’s sports schools were overcrowded and couldn’t even take the kids! And what we have today? Here’s a look – the same brothers Vladimir and Georgy Gabulov, Alan Kasaev, Alan Dzagoev, Arsen Khubulov in the year they were six or seven years and they went to children’s sports schools.

– All business in the big wins?

– Of course! The children are then in the section when in front of them is an example of big wins. Football is the most popular and one of the most important from a social point of view, of sports because it is available and popular. Therefore on its basis it is possible to build a great social policy.

– If I invite you to one of the qualifiers or the finals of the championship “the Future depends on you”, are you ready to visit?

– Of course, at any time.

Sweetloving in Russian sportive materials plot

– Your opinion on the report of the world anti-doping Agency?

– It is absolutely filthy, political order. I would say the election process against Russia, pressure on our country, which becomes a powerful state. Through the influence and authority of our President, in world politics Russia has a great influence, considered it. And many do not like it, it goes to sports, and when we do make mistakes… of Course, we need to be at a high enough level.

– Do you think you’ll have to change the Russian football?

– I have a very big support: the major structures, financiers, lawyers, analysts, there are very strong professionals. I think we can do this, but it is time to start doing it. If we sit idly by, we have nothing. People need to see that we are doing something that we want to change things for the better. And after the 2018 world Cup does not end life, we need to continue to live and work. And we can’t waste one second or one minute or one day, we should begin to change the situation and change for the better. At least in order to give people hope.

Election of the President of the Russian football Union will be held on September 24.

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