NATO called the date “deterrent force” in the Baltic States and Poland

American soldiers on military exercises in Latvia

Photo: Reuters/Pixstream

NATO will deploy the “deterrent forces” of Russia in Poland and the Baltic States by may next year, writes the WSJ. To create four battalions in the Baltic sea region countries — the members of the Alliance agreed in July

The placement group “deterrence” of Russia in the Baltic region, which was previously scheduled NATO, will be completed by may 2017, writes The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) with reference to the General Czech army, Chairman of the NATO military Committee Peter Paul.

As writes the edition, the military leaders of NATO gathered in the Croatian city of Split, where they discussed the placement of 4 thousand troops in Poland and the Baltic States, which member countries of the Alliance agreed at the summit in Warsaw.

Militant groups, said Paul, will arrive at different times in the first half of 2017. American sources, in turn, told the WSJ that the US forces that must be accommodated in the framework agreement (about 1 thousand soldiers) will arrive in Poland in April.

In early July, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the summit in Warsaw said that NATO countries agreed to create four battalions in the Baltic States and Poland. He noted that the battalions will be created as a “deterrent measures” and that almost all member countries of the Alliance will take part in the formation of these battalions.

Stoltenberg also stressed that NATO troops will be present in the Eastern region until, “until it is needed.” He stressed that NATO would inform Russia about the summit decisions during a meeting of the NATO — Russia.

In early September, in an interview with Bloomberg Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the assumptions concerning the possible threats from Russia to the Baltic States, are “nonsense”. “I think that all sensible people who are really doing politics, you know that the links to the threats from Russia against, say, the Baltic States — this is complete nonsense,” Putin said. — Are we going to fight with NATO?”

In may, the army chief of Estonia Riho Terras called for NATO to deploy in the Baltic States Patriot air defense system and to increase the number of combat aircraft. However, he noted that Russia is behaving “opportunistically”: “If they have any chance, they’ll jump through the window to use it”.

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