To teach to learn. Whether you need to drive the child on preparatory courses in high school?

To drive a child to “kindergartners”, parents need to find not only extra time but also money. And what in return? “AiF” asked the teacher of the Moscow school, Marina Dumini, primary school teacher at Moscow Lyceum № 1502.

To be the child’s friend. How to help first grader to go through the stress?

Julia Board, “Aigi” Marina Sergeevna, hand on heart, do we really need a prep course because children in order 1 and are in class to learn?

Marina dumina: It’s true. By law, the count of school education starts from grade 1. And, ideally, from that moment, you need to teach a child to read, write and count, not start to school to upload it in the school curriculum. If the child goes to kindergarten, there is training involved just teachers programme for preschoolers. There is a special Federal state educational standards of preschool education, which spelled out what and how needs to learn a child to school. And so the children of the preparatory courses can actually be not needed. Experienced primary school teacher always knows what to ask of a child to understand, he is ready for school or not, and whether he needs training. He will show parents the benefits which children will be engaged. Often, after talking with the parents and child, we honestly say that they do not need preschool courses. And the money (paid courses because it is better to buy new books to a child, since he already reads. We have these — every third. If the child does not get some skills and knowledge in kindergarten, you can work out. If the teacher does not warn about it, or verify the training of the child, and records for courses all in a row, it’s more like making money.

Preparatory courses: real help or “pumping money”?
— Some say that the pacing for the courses, the child gets used to school — and this is a significant plus. So?

— Yes, for some children, this psychological adaptation is very important. Especially if there is fear of school, which is often injected by their parents, suggesting to the child that it is necessary to learn only well that school is a lot of work and hard work, etc. In the end, the child begins to perceive school as a place where it will be very difficult. Who wants to a place to go voluntarily? Courses child gets acquainted with the situation, mode of operation (the school, because you have to sit behind a Desk an entire lesson that other guys even in 1st class is not easy), teachers, future classmates. And understands, what not all so is terrible. We see our first graders: if children became friends at the training courses, they will be happy to come to school on 1 September, because morally and psychologically ready for a new life. They are calm and confident. It is often children in 1 class (after parents) have a lot of stress when moving to a new school life that they begin severe headaches, abdominal pain, diarrhea, moods or violent outbursts. Another plus is that the children in the preparatory courses for learning a single line of textbooks that continues then in 1 class.

Dramatic circle, the circle of the photo… On what classes to give the child

But that’s just a common complaint of parents who took children on these courses lies in the fact that in 1 class then teach again the same kid in school, misses.

— It is not! I can’t speak for other schools but at our school we always monitored to avoid intersections of the preparatory preschool program with material that is studied in the 1st grade. And even more are strictly forbidden to repeat the program 1 grade. It is a completely different benefit for preschool groups and first graders, although they may have one author. Therefore, when choosing courses, parents should pay attention to this point. Maybe ask the parents of first-graders who last year went on a training course — studying children, what books as they learn in 1 class helped them or not. You need to understand that all the time. For example, in the 5 years the child must be able to tie their shoes, know their full name, names of family members, have initial knowledge about the world, etc. But he is completely useless in 6 years to cram the multiplication table and to put a two-digit number. Therefore, parents should make an informed choice, to consult with the teacher (and definitely showing him baby!) and decide what’s best for their child.

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