Britain has confirmed the participation of its air force strike on Syrian troops

UK Ministry of defence confirmed that the aircraft of the Royal air force participated in air strike on September 17 at Syrian army positions near the town of Deir ez-Zor. On Monday, reports Reuters.

Who was involved in the airstrike on Syrian troops in Deir-ez-Zor?

The Ministry of defense says that the Agency can confirm the participation of the armed forces in the recent strike in Syria. The defense Ministry said that the Ministry was cooperating with the investigation of the coalition on this fact. While the Ministry emphasized that the units of the Syrian army was not the target of the air attack.

Earlier on September 19 involved in Saturday’s incident, recognized the leadership of the armed forces of Denmark. “Two Danish F-16s were involved in these attacks along with the aircraft of other countries. The strikes were terminated immediately after the Russians announced the defeat of Syrian military positions”, — said the press service of the Ministry of defence of the Kingdom.

Previously, his involvement in strike on Syrian army positions recognized Australia. The international coalition forces inflicted four blows on the Syrian troops on Saturday. Then killed 62 soldiers and about a hundred people were injured.

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