Lukashenko said on Russian pressure on Belarus

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko believes that the construction of the Union of his country and Russia has become “too much trouble”. He stated this during a meeting with the state Secretary of the Union state of Belarus and Russia Grigory Rapota, reports RIA Novosti.

Lukashenko recalled that for several months, Moscow and Minsk cannot agree on the price of gas, in this connection, Russia has reduced oil supplies to the Republic.

How many Belarusians will pay for Russian gas?

“We perceive this as pressure on Belarus, but the pressure I will not tolerate, too, and Belarusians,” – said the head of the country.

In addition, he said that for deliveries to Russia of Belarusian goods are blocked, especially food products, and stressed that “more can not continue”.

The Belarusian leader added that in comparison with last year the trade turnover between the two countries decreased by 10%.

He also said that there is a lot of criticism against not only the integration level of the two States, but also at the level of the Eurasian economic Union.

In this regard, Alexander Lukashenko has asked Rapota to the leadership of the Russian Federation joined to defend common interests to move forward.

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