With a new sensor for determining sugar level in blood you can swim and take a shower

Sensor and the reader.Photo: freestylelibre.co.uk

The new device, dubbed FreestyleLibre, to help people suffering from type 1 diabetes, in time to notice a decrease in blood sugar. A small device is attached to the shoulder where it can remain for up to two weeks. It measures the blood sugar every 15 minutes and maintaining this information. Raising the sensor a special device for reading, you can get data about the glucose level over the past 8 hours.

Sensor you can bathe and swim without fear to damage it. It is small in size and invisible under clothing – a plain statement, by the way, you can not zaachila sleeve. The reader stores the resulting data for three months.

Patients using the device, independently checked the sugar level as often as needed – this allowed them time to notice the decrease in the concentration of glucose.

The developers of the hospital at Karolinska University, Karolinska University Hospital) tested a new system for monitoring blood sugar levels on 239 adult patients with type 1 diabetes.

One group of participants used FreestyleLibre, and the other practiced the traditional scheme of control of blood sugar levels using glucose meters. The authors showed that the period of hypoglycemia in those who used the new device, fell by 38% (from 3.5 hours to 2 per day).

The device is used to take readings was just so people who used FreestyleLibre, often measured the level of blood sugar than those who used computers (15 times a day and 6 respectively).

The developers hope that the new sensor will be an alternative to the traditional way of measuring blood sugar, which will significantly simplify the lives of patients suffering from diabetes.

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