Canada defeated team USA in the world Cup and deprived her of a chance at the playoffs

Canadians with European team guaranteed a place in the playoffs

– Team Canada hockey victory over team USA in the second round match of the group stage taking place in Toronto the world Cup.

The meeting of participants group A, which took place on the night of Wednesday Moscow time ended with the score 4:2 (3:1, 1:0, 0:1) in favor of Canada.

Now in the asset of Canada 4 points (for a victory in this tournament is assigned 2 points after two matches, the same team of Europe, they have secured a spot in the playoffs, but will meet in the third round. Lost chances of an exit in the playoffs Czech Republic (1 point) and USA (0).

The commands are divided into two groups, which carry three matches. In the playoffs facing two teams from each group with the highest number of points. The group winners play semi-final matches with teams that took second place in another group. The finale is a mini-series to two victories.

Russia is a group V.

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