“In Georgia opened a Turkish school without the knowledge of the authorities

Monitoring service of Batumi city hall requires a permit for its construction

In the Georgian city of Batumi has opened a Turkish school, the construction of which was financed by the government of Turkey, Georgian media reports on Tuesday. According to media reports, the opening ceremony of the school, built for children from Turkish families living in Batumi, was attended by representatives of the Ministry of education of Turkey and Turkish diplomatic missions in Georgia.

It is noted that the teachers are also Turkish citizens and teaching in a school will go to the Turkish language curriculum of the Ministry of education of Turkey.

Meanwhile, it turns out, the school was built without a permit of the municipality of Batumi, the control service, which requires a permit for its construction.

As told journalists the head of the oversight service of the city hall Irakli mokias, construction organization several times been fined for construction of the school without permission and in due time appealed to the Executive Bureau with the requirement to suspend its construction.

“The organization was given a certain period to clarify the situation after which were verified and found that the permission for the construction of the school she was not. Because of this, during the time she was twice fined in the amount of 3000 gel, and then the threefold size – 9,000 lari (about $3.8 thousand), after which the case was transferred to the Executive office,” said mokias.

According to him, after the last penalty was three months and after this period, the organization will again be fined in the threefold size. “If you still will not be submitted resolution, it means that the building is already automatically should be dismantled,” – said the representative of the municipality.

The Ministry of education, culture and sport of Adjara Autonomous Republic told reporters that he was not informed about the opening of Batumi Turkish schools.

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