“In Belarus counted 160 thousand Ukrainian refugees

– The number of Ukrainian refugees on the territory of Belarus has reached 160 thousand and is not currently increasing, said Minister of foreign Affairs of Belarus Vladimir Makei in an interview with UN Radio, the transcript of which is published on the website of the foreign Ministry of the Republic on Monday.

“The problem of (forced migration and refugee – Interfax) should be solved. We feel it for yourself – we have over 160 thousand refugees from Ukraine. Now the number is not growing, stopped. But we were forced at the time to take emergency decisions that had to lead to these people don’t feel trapped in some kind of trouble,” said Mackay.

He noted that during meetings with representatives of a number of European States during the September session of the UN General Assembly in new York, he was told that “refugees who arrived in the country, do not always perceive the laws that apply in this country, do not always behave adequately”.

“There should be an appropriate balance, that is, society’s willingness to accept these refugees, but also the willingness of refugees to integrate into a particular society in a particular country. This is very important,” stressed Mackay.

According to the head of the Belarusian foreign Ministry, the state must provide specific legal framework for the integration of refugees in a society, this needs to attract private business.

“The problem, of course, global, but we have, in Belarus, at this stage it is solved. Hope more such waves (migration – if) in the future. But we, by watching what is happening in Europe, we believe that you need to make quick, clear, specific solutions, or soon the Europeans will think about the preservation of European identity,” said Mackay.

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