The Petersburg intellectual from Moscow. The nature and role of Oleg Basilashvili

Inconsistencies in life Basilashvili started from childhood. The father of the future actor was completely unaware that the son dreams of the stage and hurl blamed acting in his presence: “what is this?! Lips smear and grimace! Shame!” And Oleg listened, silent and dreamed about the scene.

Oleg Basilashvili, Kirill and Sergei Yursky in the performance of the Leningrad Bolshoi drama theatre “Ocean” on the play by Alexander Stein in a production of George Tovstonogov. 1962. Photo: RIA Novosti / Alexander Gladshtein

“In the theater, I saw not just beautiful creative world, but many worlds, fascinating, attractive. When it became clear that the son entered the school-Studio of MKHAT, the father was strict, but restrained: “That’s up to you what to be, but I’m in this business not the assistant.

In the school-Studio of Oleg Basilashvili immediately stuck the title of handsome. Girl and then looked at the young student. But he chose among them one, the bright — Tatyana Doronin. The wedding itself was not, as it was not in young money, they just signed and sat for a modest holiday table.

After the end of the school-Studio of Oleg Basilashvili distributed in the Stalingrad drama theatre Tatyana Doronina was offered to stay in Moscow. But she followed the call of the heart, went after her husband. Soon from Stalingrad they moved to Leningrad. In the Northern capital the Directors have also begun the hunt for a beautiful blonde, every shill it in a theater. She gave consent George Sometimes, the head of the Leningrad BDT, but to take the troupe Basilashvili. The film could not refuse Doronina.

Oleg Basilashvili with wife Galina and daughters Olga and Xenia. Photo: RIA Novosti / Rudolf Kucherov

But here again the discrepancy is the service in a single theater not brought together spouses, on the contrary, they are moving away from each other and, eventually, divorced 8 years later after the wedding. “I am grateful to Tatiana that she was the initiator of the divorce” — later admitted Oleg Basilashvili. Because otherwise he probably would not have met his second wife, journalist Galina Mansuy, which lives in a happy marriage to this day.

Despite the fact that a native Muscovite Oleg Basilashvili stayed in Leningrad, in Moscow, he was named after famous film Directors. In 1975 by Eldar Ryazanov invited Basilashvili in his Comedy “Irony of fate or With light steam!”… for the role of Hippolytus. Have already passed the trial, Basilashvili has learned the text, filmed the first episode. But suddenly, the actor’s father died. He had to go to Leningrad. The filming process was launched, it was impossible to hesitate, so the role was given to Yuri Yakovlev.

Some time later, Eldar Ryazanov came to the show in the theatre. After the production he went to Basilashvili and asked in surprise: “Why, you are still not removed from me?” “Well, I don’t mind!” — replied the actor. And soon found himself on the set of “the Office romance”. However, the Oleg Valerianovich saw himself only as awkward Novoseltseva, he believed that it absolutely does not match the identity of the animal Samokhvalova. But Ryazanov insisted on the trial, and after Basilashvili realized that was wrong. But the role of Samokhvalov he was not always perfect. According to the scenario, head Novoseltseva well-driven “Volga”. And Oleg Basilashvili led never. To correct this misunderstanding, the actor hired a trainer. But to learn to sit behind the wheel in a short time, he failed, so somehow during filming, he accidentally touched a car camera and entered the kiosk.

How to remove “Office romance”

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In 1979 Oleg Basilashvili starred in the sad Comedy of George Danelia ‘s “Autumn marathon”. However, approved it for the lead role of Andrey Buzykin immediately. Danelia and did not want to hear his assistant when she asked him to try Basilashvili. He saw Basilashvili absolute disparity in the nature Buzykin. After “Office romance” it is believed that the actor can only play a smug, successful businessmen. But the assistant is secretly called Oleg Valerianovich from Leningrad to Moscow and brought him to the Playground. Intelligence Danelia not allowed to refuse from the actor. He held a trial, after which sure in my opinion.

A scene from the movie “Autumn marathon” (1979).

“Good people, this is my first time on the market!”. “Station for two” – 30 years

At the end of the day Danelia with Basilashvili went home in one car. The actor was released earlier, on Clean ponds. Daniel looked out the window after him and… saw Buzykin. Basilashvili could not manage to cross a busy road, he stepped from foot to foot, did a hesitant step into the roadway again onto the sidewalk.

During the filming of “railway Station for two Eldar Ryazanov was waiting for Basilashvili much more than before: he had a few hours a day to spend in juvie. I must say that not all prisoners received a well-known artist. Some looked with envy at Basilashvili, who had just portrayed a prisoner and could at any moment to leave the gate to freedom. Some of it even tried several times to push him or accidentally hit. Basilashvili these attempts are quickly thwarted. He said, “Guys, I’m forced here, like you, what do you want from me?!”

Shot from a film “Station for two”, 1982.

Oleg Basilashvili: “the 90s was not the dashing, and the saints”

Oleg Basilashvili is renowned for having completely devoid of some hard-hitting “acting” qualities of intrigue, malice, envy. He was never jealous of the other actors, which instead chose Directors. It happened on the set of “Twelve chairs”. Leonid Gaidai was originally thought to take the role of Ostap Bender Oleg Basilashvili. But, after seeing the actor from all sides, said that he was too full for that role, what if he folds 25 kg, then it will be of Ostap Bender. Two months the actor was on a diet, went back to Gaidai greatly emaciated, and he was skeptical: “Bender already playing another actor.” Basilashvili did not fuss and complain, he just smiled and agreed with the Director’s decision.

Oleg Basilashvili: for Centuries we’ve hammered slavery

Today Oleg Valerianovich continues to play in the theater and in the movies, but admits that sometimes recalls his father’s words about the acting profession, when she sees how easily our eminent actors for large fees are before chewing, flapping and hooting drunk business tycoons. He never succumbed to easy money. Once even refused a few million that he was offered that he had “put a face” on the TV show.

They say he is short-tempered, but easily appeased, that he is immensely intelligent and modest, which once again never bother for their well-being. One autumn, Oleg Basilashvili had to endure the cold in his apartment — the utility has disconnected his house from the hot water. The actor was literally freezing at home, he went to the apartment in warm sweaters, but still got sick. In the end, his daughter went to the media to this most public utilities. Surprisingly, the issue was resolved literally in a single day. “I’m very sorry that because of me alarmed so many people,” modestly said Oleg Valerianovich.

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