The Question Of “Galicia”. Who and why killed the famous bard?

“The crash occurred in 1971. From the Pope then turned away almost all of his friends. And in 1991, KGB archives were opened, and I found out who wrote these denunciations… but the details of his death were not disclosed until now,” — said the “AIF” the daughter of a famous bard Alyona Galich.

“I’m sorry for everything”

— My mother, the actress Valentina Arkhangelsk, became the prototype of the heroine of the film “In my death I ask to blame Klava K.”, filmed on the novel by Mikhail Lvov. Mikhail Grigoryevich told me that all the events in the story — the true story of their relationship. He’s a boy in love with “Claudia” since kindergarten. She — “Claudia”. And the boy, turn the head and stop character, — this is my father.

Parents met in 1941 in the Vakhtangov theatre frontline branch. Love was there from the first rehearsal, at first sight. When I went to apply to the Registrar, all the way kissing like crazy in the bus and did not notice how small suitcase standing between them disappeared. All documents and food cards. It was in the small town of Chirchik near Tashkent, where the Director Valentin Pluchek and playwright Alexei Arbuzov gathered the remnants of his theater Studio — their wives, Galic, mother, Zinovy GerdtMarried parents in between trips with his theatrical troupe to the front.

After the war, the mother in search of work went to Irkutsk drama theater. She didn’t want to sit at home and live in a big family, where everyone ran the grandmother, dad’s mother. The Pope wrote her a mountain of letters, was called home to Moscow. One of the visits my mother found out about his affair with angelina Secret, a student of the screenwriting faculty of VGIK, and filed for divorce. I later found out that in Irkutsk she, too, had Affairs, and one very serious. A young man named Leonid Iovich Gaidai

The last time I saw the parents together at the cottage in ZAGORYANKA. When in the evening they left the train, I suddenly realized that they did not see. And so it proved. Before leaving to Norway father wrote to my mother: “I’m Sorry for everything. Love. A whole. Sasha”.

“You’re rich!”

As mentioned daddy’s friends, “Galic had two wives, both of beauty”. Both complete opposite of each other. Mom was not going to sacrifice themselves and the stage for my father. And angelina Secret after meeting with the Pope abandoned artistic career — was his assistant, nurse, editor, administrator, wife and mistress.

Screenwriter, playwright, poet and performer of his songs by Alexander Galich. The 1957-1958 Photo: RIA Novosti/ Alexey Boytsov

Angelina Nikolaevna father of the simple, but rose to the rank of General of the red army, and the mother of the famous family Kuzmin-Karavaeva (her aunt — the famous nun mother Mary, which was unrequited crush Alexander Blok).

When in 1948 at the Theatre of satire, and then in many theaters of the country made the play of the Pope “You is Taimyr”, success was rapid. All told: “Sashka, you’re rich!” No one knew that the entire fee for the “Taimyr” went to bribe the judge to buy my grandfather out of jail. But this money is not enough… for the First time I understood what the trouble, when the house disappeared piano. The piano was very old, and beautiful.

Only much later I was told that during the “struggle against cosmopolitism” my grandfather “sewn” article. He then worked in one of the buildings of the Kremlin commandant. Luckily, he was not on political, and on economic article. Therefore, the process was won, and he returned home, although the year spent under investigation…

All of the most powerful childhood experiences associated with the Granny flat on Malaya Bronnaya, and, of course, with my father. In his youth he was very handsome. According to Yuri Markovich Nagibin, “Sasha is the spitting image of Jewish Dorian gray”. Taller growth, broad-shouldered, with a gorgeous curly hair and big brown eyes. Besides, he was a very interesting conversationalist.

The first movie on his script — “True friends” — won the main prize at the festival in Karlovy vary. Then came the film “Let complaint book”, “Running on waves”, “On seven winds”. The script for the film “State criminal,” he was given the diploma of the KGB.

Trouble for Pope began with the fact that his best play “Matrosskaya Tishina”, which in the “contemporary” brought to the dress rehearsal, was banned. At this point, he realized, neither in movie or drama to speak can not. And then there were the songs.

Writer, poet, singer Alexander Galich (left) and Director Yuri Lyubimov (right) in a sanatorium near Moscow. 1964. Photo: RIA Novosti/ Alexey Boytsov

The first concerts began after his acquaintance with the writer Varlam Shalamov. It was the late 50’s, a wave of returnees from Stalin’s camps. Dad told me that he had something “snapped inside, turned the whole world”. The concerts were very entertaining. The room was Packed lots of people. The guests were very unusual. I remember how one day the man with the iron teeth, literally after every song asked: “Mr Abramovich, but where are you sitting?” “Yes” I have not sat!” It lasted all night, it’s a little stepped on, the Pope could not resist: “Yes, I sat, sat!” “Where?” — “There was a large camp — Moscow was called…”

All such “appartment” was “under the hood” of the KGB. One day Andrei Sakharov was supposed to go to dad. In a terrible rain came from the Academy of Sciences, began to vote — no one stops. And parked next to a black “Volga”. He went: “Guys, you follow me go to Galich?” Those nodded. “Then at the same time and need a ride…”

Dad had only one outdoor concert on the festival “Bard-68” in Novosibirsk Akademgorodok. When there, he sang the song “in memory of Pasternak”, the whole hall more than thousand people stood silently. Soon in Germany in emigre publishing house “Crops” without his knowledge under the name of Halych was a book of poetry with another biography and two other people’s songs. Then, such a publication was considered a great crime.

Dad was outraged: in the Preface he wrote that “a talented poet-autodidact spent most of his life in Stalin’s camps” and the lyrics of his songs mangled. The last straw was the letter to the Central Committee Dmitry Polyansky, member of the Politburo. His daughter married the actor of Theatre on Taganka Ivan DYKHOVICHNY. At the cottage, where we celebrated the wedding, waiting for Vysotsky, but he did not come, then turned on a recording of Galicia. When you hear it, Polanski was very angry. Something about it gave KGB General Ilyin, who was Secretary and curator of the Union of writers. The question Of “Galicia” brought to the agenda by the Secretariat of the Union. “For” exception voted Leschevsky, Gribachev, Ilyin and Vasilyev, Arkady — the one that is acted by public Prosecutor at the trial of Daniel and Sinyavsky, dad is our famous Darya Dontsova. Against Barto, Kataev, Rekemchuk, and Watermelon… Officially Galich was expelled for “disparity between the high rank of Soviet writer”. But it was clear that for the songs.

“Sasha, repent!”

Was December of 1971 We returned to Moscow, 15 January, dad was lying, sick. Reassured: “This is not a final decision.” He kept calling, saying, Sasha, repent, promise to behave well. And then almost all at once turned away.

I remember how we entered under the archway of our house near the metro station “Airport”, walked toward familiar people, dad always said Hello, and him. Pretended not to see, not hear, turned away. I was furious, cried: “you dare Not to shake hands with them. They are bastards and traitors!” And he calmly answered: “do Not greet rude. And they need to regret…”

Unfortunately, most silently joined those who branded it a disgrace, and now swear they love to Galich. One of them, who publicly admitted that in that moment betrayed the Pope, is his disciple playwright Victor Merezhko. He said to me: “Alain, I’m not going to write about Alexander Abramovich, because I am very guilty before him. I met him at the arch and said Hello…” the Third heart attack the Pope happened just before the exception. He received 54 of the ruble — a disability pension and it was, in fact, the only means of existence.

Alexander Galich present at home evening in the home of artists Maria Mironova and Alexander Menaker. 1968. Photo: RIA Novosti

Remember the classic dispute between “physicists” and “lyricists”? So. When the Pope was expelled, “poets” like bold, except for a few people (Rassadin, Nagibin, Laskin, Schweitzer, Agranovskii, Pluchek). And all the so-called “physics” offered help, he arranged home concerts, which raised money. Especially supported Sakharov, Kapitsa, and his godfather Alexander Men… there was Still a “secret relief Fund excluded writers.” Alice G. Lebedeva, wife of the famous academician, Cybernetics , Sergey Lebedev, has created the so-called academic office (where he chipped in academics) and a hundred rubles were sent to four addresses — V. Dudintsev, Vladimir Voinovich, Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Pope.

In the summer of 1974 dad had a strong desire to go to Norway, where he was invited to conduct seminars. Wait until this all blows over. But he was invited to the visa office when the KGB and said, “Either you are leaving on an Israeli visa, or in the other direction — to the North…” fortunately, interfered with the Norwegian Embassy, and then in Moscow he was given the Nansen refugee passport — now he could go to any country. He went to Norway, then, when in Munich opened point radio “Liberty” was there a transfer of “At the microphone Galich,” and later, together with Viktor Nekrasov and Julian Panicum moved to the Paris Bureau.

“When I return”. The life story of Alexander Galich

Over time, I was told that the KGB has a plan to return Nekrasov and Galicia to the Soviet Union in exchange for their repentance and recognition that the West is bad. Dad sometimes said, “Sometimes comes to mind: do not spit on everything and go back. Let them put…” He was very sick with nostalgia. They made such a proposal. But they refused.

The official version of the death of his father 15 Dec 1977 — “electric shock — accident”. By the time, when I was released in Paris, almost everyone was clearly talking about the murder (and there were many!), died. But still I managed to conduct its own investigation and to restore the chronicle of events. On that day, leaving the office of the Paris Bureau of “Freedom”, the Pope said Sinyavskaya, I went to buy a radio antenna (“Bad bugged Moscow”). Came home. His last words were addressed to going to the store to his wife: “Soon you will hear extraordinary music.” When she returned, he was lying on the floor, clutching the charred hands mustache from the antenna… the Investigation went on for a week and concluded, from shock could not stand the heart. And then there are continuous puzzles…

Galich was a friend not just “lyrics” but also “physics” – academician Pyotr Kapitsa, for example (pictured right). 1970 Photo: RIA Novosti/ Alexey Boytsov

During the six months prior to the events in the mailbox of our house on Bronnaya threw the anonymous letter: “Your son Alexander want to kill”. Wrote about this in his book Sakharov, who was holding the letter in his hands… the Best techs I have consulted and confirmed that such a shock father to die could not (“jolted slightly, and all), moreover, could not be charring hands. And the death of angelina Nikolaevna in 1986 rather suspicious. The investigation established that on that day she was Smoking in bed, fell asleep and suffocated from the smoke. And along with it, “fell asleep” a favorite dog, which could run out through the open door to the balcony, and at least be saved. Also gone are all the diaries of his father, one finished and all unfinished manuscripts. I know one thing: angelina Nikolaevna, “the unfortunate case of Galicia” never believed.

When, in 1991, began to reveal some of the secrets of the KGB, I appealed to the KGB, and showed me the denunciations of the Pope. Where spoke with someone that said. They were signed by the nicknames the Nail, the Lame, the Photographer. Dad called Guitarist. Denunciations were written by men of art. About the Nail and Lame I guess. Not necessary to be seven spans in a forehead, in order to “decipher” the famous actor (he is dead). By the way, the Committee members confirmed that I was not mistaken… I was hoping that over time I will reveal the dossier of the father completely, but then I said it was gone. French authorities closed the case of the death of Galicha for 50 years — until December 15, 2027…

The tomb of Alexander Galich at the Russian cemetery St. Genevieve de Bois in the suburbs of Paris. Photo: RIA Novosti/ Yuriy Somov


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