DPRK claims to have completed the development of nuclear weapons

North Korea had largely completed the development of nuclear weapons, quotes RIA Novosti news Agency the statement issued by the Embassy of the DPRK.

Kim and his bomb. As the DPRK has become a nuclear power

“In the last test finally checked, confirmed the characteristic features of the device and operation, technical properties and power normalized, standardized nuclear warheads”, – stated in the text.

The Embassy claims that North Korea has mastered the manufacture of warheads for various purposes for ballistic missiles, tiny, lightweight, diverse and increased power.

Pyongyang announced about the successful nuclear test on 9 September. South Korean military estimated charge power of ten kilotons of TNT equivalent. Thus, the last test were the largest in the history of the country.

The missile launch by the DPRK, subtile the UN security Council and a number of countries. Japan, South Korea and the United States expressed readiness to strengthen sanctions against North Korea.

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