“The hockey matches of “Spartacus” was postponed due to matches of “Spartak” football

Continental hockey League has postponed the matches of HC “Spartak” (Moscow), scheduled for the evening on 15 and 29 October, at 13:00 Moscow time. The reason is that these days the evening meetings in the championship of Russia on football holds Moscow “Spartak”.

“In the interests of fans of the red-white ice hockey club “Spartak” has addressed an official letter to the League asking to transfer the games to an earlier time. The leadership of the KHL this request was granted. Thus, the matches of HC “Spartak” on Saturday, 15 and 29 October, will start at 13:00, so fans will get the first opportunity to visit the Palace of sport in Luzhniki, before heading to the “Opening Arena” and support the football team,” reads the statement of HC.

15 Oct football “Spartak” in the framework of the 10th round accepts “Rostov” and on the 29th of October in the 12th round on “Open Arena” will play with CSKA.

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