In Russia there will be a cure for hypertension on the basis of a unique substance


Scientists from Moscow and Siberia are working on a new drug, which should if not to make a revolution in the treatment of hypertension, then at least significantly improve the quality of life of patients with high blood pressure. In the last 10-15 years the development of new drugs covering a variety of combining already known active funds, but the staff of Moscow state University and Siberian state medical University went on. They were able to synthesize a fundamentally new substance and due to this, you may be able to help even those people in therapy which existing tools were powerless.

The basis for scientific research was the platelet-activating factor, PAF. This mediator of inflammation, among other things, lowers blood pressure, but to create medicines FAT not suitable because of too rapid and short action. In addition, FAT significantly increases blood clotting, which can lead to undesirable side effects. Over similar FAT working scientists from many countries, but Russian experts ahead of everyone, creating a substance that is a chemical “precursor”. From his offspring it is no dangerous side effect and duration of action.

As shown by preclinical trials, which lasted for three years, the validity of the new stuff is about 24 hours, it is non-toxic and non-addictive, and also lowers blood pressure only if it is above normal. Now researchers will need to obtain all the documents on the medicine, which is based on a new active substance, pass the procedure of state registration and then you can move on to clinical trials. If these tests all will be fine — after 5 years, the drug will appear on the shelves of Russian, and then foreign pharmacies. The cost of the medication is expected to be at the level already available on the market.

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