Krasnoyarsk energy complained to the company of the billionaire Melnichenko

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With the beginning of the heating season, exacerbated the struggle for power-generating companies consumers. The General Director of the Krasnoyarsk company complained to the Minister of energy Alexander Novak on the Siberian generating company Andrey Melnichenko due to client poaching

For the help Novak

Siberian generating company, controlled by billionaire Andrey Melnichenko (No. 11 in the list of richest businessmen, according to Forbes, condition — $8.2 billion), began to actively poach customers from owners of small CHP in Krasnoyarsk, representatives of the local district heating companies — cost of goods” owned by former top Manager of “RUSAL” Yuri Volchenko, “Permenergo”, controlled by a local pharmaceutical company “Krasfarma”.

On the first day of the heating season, September 22, the General Director of Krasnoyarsk generation company’s cost of goods” Eugene Pensky received a notice from Krasnoyarsk teletransporte of the company (an intermediary between the consumer and TPP — transmission and distribution of power), part of SGK, on termination of the contract of a heat supply of consumers of the neighborhood Yastynskaya Field (the population is 20 thousand people), he told RBC. This was confirmed by the representative of the SGC. Consumers of the neighborhood was switched on heating with boiler cost of goods” Krasnoyarskaya CHPP, which is included in the GTS.

A week later, on September 28, Pensky wrote a letter with the request to understand a situation to the Minister of energy Alexander Novak. A copy of the letter is at the disposal of RBC, Pensky confirmed its authenticity. “On the eve of the winter period of the residential houses and social facilities of Krasnoyarsk was in danger of lack of hot water and heating in connection with high risk emergency situations”, — says the head of “cost of goods”.

He explained RBC that the heating system in this district is not adapted to the parameters of the work of SGK (the design pressure of the heat carrier from Krasnoyarsk CHP twice the pressure equipment cost of goods”), so switching without reconstruction of heat networks can lead to serious accidents. The first already happened on September 26 in one of the apartment buildings, when due to excess pressure breakthrough-house networks.

However the head a press-services of SGK Natalia Efimova denies that it was an accident: “we believe that the premises was carried out unauthorized penetration of unknown persons. The removed part of the equipment of impulses on networks was not.” According to her, the culprit of this incident is now being installed. However, on the website “cost of goods” of the published letter-offer of SGK for the management companies of the district, in which they say that SGK makes up for all the losses associated with the deviation of the pressure in the heating system.

The difference in 100 times

Siberian generating company is the 117-th place in the RBC rating of 500. Its revenues for 2015 amounted to 88.6 billion rubles FGC Stations produce about 20% of heat and electricity energy system of Siberia, particularly in Krasnoyarsk region, Khakassia Republic, Kemerovo region, Tuva Republic and Altai Krai.

Revenue cost of goods”, according to “SPARK-Interfax”, at the end of 2015 was 100,7 times less — 880 million rubles., the Company serves 80 million consumers. The population of Krasnoyarsk is about 1 million inhabitants. SGK, according to its own data, can provide a warm 75-80% of the population, but not all, contracts.

Pensky argues that the SGK staff illegally switched the neighborhood, despite the fact that the “cost of goods” there are contracts with all customers of the district for the previously approved tariffs. In addition, the contract cost of goods” with the Krasnoyarsk teletransporte company is valid until 31 December 2016 and the company is in Krasnoyarsk the fourth power and included in the scheme of a heat supply of the city until 2033, he adds.

“Cost of goods” has already informed about the actions of SGK city Prosecutor’s office, the Department of urban development and Rostekhnadzor, the administration and the Governor of Krasnoyarsk region, says the interlocutor of RBC. But the authorities did not react. Head of Department of municipal economy of administration of Krasnoyarsk Igor Titenkov confirmed to RBC that he had received the complaint. According to him, against the head of the Krasnoyarsk teletransporte the company had received a Prosecutor’s warning. “However, we have much bigger problems than a dispute between two business entities, even if they are versed in judicial procedure”, — said Titenkov. If switching networks, the people will suffer, it will be taken by law enforcement agencies, he adds.

Not getting the desired response from the city authorities, Pensky wrote Novak. “Please understand the situation and take response measures”, — said in the letter. It requires that SGK “immediately” returned “cost of goods” consumers and stop “illegal actions” by switching new customers. Energetic also asked Novak to appeal to the Prosecutor General to prohibit a competitor “willfully” to switch users. This is a dispute between two private companies, the intervention of the Ministry of energy is not required, said RBC a source in the Ministry. The representative of the energy Ministry declined to comment.

Return customers

Efimova rejects all claims about the increased accident rate, Recalling that SGK 2014 every winter supplies heat to consumers of the neighborhood Yastynskaya Field. Control system parameters carried out by the Prosecutor and Rostekhnadzor, she said. According to her, between the two companies made an “oral agreement” according to which “cost of goods” sells to consumers in the heat of SGK, because it has historically had all the necessary contracts. Pensky is not commented.

In 2016, SGK decided to enter into direct agreements with customers, excluding cost of goods” from the chain. Because of this there was a conflict involves Efimova. The tariffs GTS 1.6 times lower than that exhibited “cost of goods”, she says. The head of “cost of goods” also declined to comment.

SGK heats the district of Krasnoyarsk on the basis of consumer contracts with hypermarket “Tape”, UK “Yenisei-service AMK.Farm (also has shopping centers), says Efimov. According to her, before the heating season all the consumers in the district received the contract offer, which the law enters into force from the moment of actual receipt of heat. The representative of the “Tape” is not able to quickly comment on, with the “Yenisei-service AMK.The farm could not be reached.

“Cost of goods” is not the only company that had a conflict with SGK in Krasnoyarsk. The company Melnichenko in a similar way is trying to switch over to consumers another district of Krasnoyarsk with the boiler company “Permenergo”. And Permenergo” in turn, continues to supply heat to the customers, although they have signed agreements with SGK: two companies cannot supply heat to the same consumers. The General Permenergo” Vadim Pavlov confirmed RBC a conflict, but details were not specified. Consumers of this district have addressed themselves to the SGC with a request to enter into contracts, says Efimov, but the “Permenergo” continues to provide heat.

Disputes SGK with cost of goods” and “Permenergo” is a common struggle for clients, says the head of research and forecasting ACRES Natalya Porokhova. Industry the heat very local, the General market is not, so users can go to the different suppliers. In recent years, clients have gone from large energy companies to private, owning a small boiler houses, she recalls, so the largest territorial generating companies, in particular at SGK, production of heat fell. Now SGK is trying to regain customers, concludes the powder.

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