People suffering from acne, aging slower

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People take a lot of effort in order to cope with pimples in the course are cosmetic and medicinal products. However, for those who suffer from acne, there is good news. Scientists from king’s College London (King’s College London) found that people who are in adolescence suffered acne, live longer than those who had no skin problems. In addition, in the adult age they look younger than their peers.

Simon Ribero (Simone Ribero) explained that previously, scientists have found that the skin of people suffering from acne, aging slower than those who does not have such problems, they have appeared much later wrinkles.

In the new study involved 1205 pairs of female twins, a quarter of which was acne. The authors found that those who suffered from acne, telomeres in leukocytes was longer. Telomeres located at the ends of chromosomes. With age they grow shorter. It is assumed that people with longer telomeres age slower than those who have them shortened. Not so long ago it became known that the aging tried to stop using gene therapy. CEO of BioViva completed a course of gene therapy, which could slow the shortening of telomeres – but did that stop aging is unclear.

Scientists have discovered one of the genes that controlled and telomere length, and the appearance of acne. They demonstrated that people suffering from acne, was reduced activity of the P53-signaling pathway, which is triggered in the process of apoptosis. That is due to apoptosis, i.e. programmed cell death, and the shortening of telomeres.

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