“Why do you have a blue head?: Comic Con and “IgroMir” in Moscow

“Interfax” was sent to the exhibition of interactive entertainment and pop culture journalist who knows nothing about video games, and look what came out of it

Photos: Comic Con Russia

To Crocus Expo continuous crowd are very young people – some of them probably have not received the first passport (in retrospect imagine what the first day was the turn for the entrance). Many different colored hair, different ears, tails, some even have horns. This is double the visitors of the exhibition “IgroMir and Comic Con, which is now in its third year takes place in Moscow. The first exhibition dedicated to interactive entertainment, i.e. video games and computer games, and is arranged in the Russian capital in 2006. Second, the type of American Comic Con in San Diego, is devoted primarily to comics, including Japanese manga, as well as films, cartoons and series.

“Comic Con Russia is a spectacular show for all who are not alien to contemporary pop culture in all its manifestations” – said on the exhibition website. Pop culture is not alien to me(unlike computer games), so I hope to find at shows something interesting

Comic Con

Inside Comic Con and the “IgroMir” exhibition held in the adjacent pavilions are the two hangar which have different type and size of the stands and the stage. At Comic Con this year, for example, the stand “Star wars” collectible figures and model of speeder (similar to the flying stormtroopers on Endor). To the speeder, sitting where you can take a picture, lined up. “Maxim, come on a jacket, get in,” says haggard, hung with packages dad. Behind them waiting their turn for other parents with children. Around is stands Nitendo (it is possible to take a picture with Mario), TV channel 2×2, Marvel and Playground coming in December Russian blockbuster “Viking” to imagine that at Comic Con came Konstantin Ernst. The Playground is a wooden structure with straw-covered floors, near which is placed a yard behind some kind of fence. People from the skins offer a variety of contests, such as the traditional fun of Kievan Rus rope. Near this strange object is a booth that sells pink printed llamas, pokemon and pillows with anime characters. And nobody gets hurt.

It’s Comic (!) con!

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Comic Con is positioned as a festival of comics, and they are needed there and in Moscow. In addition to booths stores, which in a large variety of different editions, is in the exhibition “alley of authors” – the tables here sit the artists themselves otrisovka a particular comic book, they can buy their works and to seal the deal signed. This ease of use should not arouse suspicion in the quality of their drawings: the comic market in Russia is not very large, mostly created by some enthusiasts for other enthusiasts, and this involvement immediately limits its volume. Many presented on the stands of comic books by Russian authors are drawn very professionally, some of them real masterpieces. This year at Comic Con and sat the authors of the book “the Russian comic book to be!” created the presidential grant and with the participation of Russian publishing houses Bubble Artyom Gabrelyanov.

Any loot

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The exhibition not only to watch but to buy. The stands spread out every merch (short for merchandise, Souvenirs or clothing with the trappings of popular music groups, video games it.d.) and a lot in computer games – items dropped from a dead enemy) is of the most urgent is the cards for Board games, stickers with the iconic characters, plastic swords, badges, pokémon, cups with Darth Vadrum, riveted steampunk goggles, pillows Lama and a selfie stick.


Following the human stream, quietly moved into the zone of “IgroMir”. The first significant difference from Comic Con: here is much louder. On the stands of various companies producing games or computer engineering – competitions are held the gamers: will perform the task faster, beat the enemy. To raise sound loud appeals like: “kill that Orc”.

However, to play games you can just, not time and speed: all the stands are computers and consoles where you can try – or, as they say here, to beta test any game. I almost all the names don’t tell anything – the exception is Tomb Raider, Resident Evil and Dota.

– She’s old! I say to the seller about Dota.

– No, it’s new! categorically he said.

Trying to figure out what’s going on, come to one of the stands which, as it turns out, belongs to Sega. It is worth a few employees who ask your question are refusing to talk on tape.

– What is the Sega? This is the prefix?

– No, it is the company – employee responds in monosyllables stand. OK, moving on.

However, the most popular games is not difficult to define – they are the long queues, some wrap around the stand almost in two times. The record for the length of the queue to the stands with VR glasses virtual reality. Those who managed to remember me, released the Play Station and not yet sold in Russia, in the stores they will appear in the middle of October. Wear. Despite the rather old graphics of toys, which I came across, it really is very impressive. That surrounds you the game, you don’t see your body, as well as the support on which you stand is a real attraction, unusual multimedia experience, which is suitable for museums of modern art. But the colors are very bright and a strange feeling of weightlessness cause dizziness. Happy to take my glasses off, along the way, remembering all the rumors that wearing them can cause an epileptic seizure.

Comic Con and “IgroMir” – is not only an opportunity to play a new game or watch comics. It is a platform for the presentation of (this first and famous American Comic Con, which often show the first trailer or even excerpts of the films). At the exhibition in Moscow, besides the already mentioned “Viking” was introduced, a few Russian films: “Gravity” by Fyodor Bondarchuk about aliens in Chertanovo action game about a Soviet superheroes “the Defenders”, roles with Konstantin Khabensky “Collector”, the picture of Salyut-7. The story of a feat” about the astronauts and the film “Major Thunder”, filmed on the comics. In addition, in the cinema of Comic Con, taking all comers phones, distributors, and showed excerpts from the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy”, “Doctor strange” and “Outlaw-single”, which, according to them, almost anyone in the world has not been demonstrated.

In addition to many recreational activities, Comic Con and arrange to meet with the stars. This year they are declared the cult of personality, none of which was not known to me. So, this year in Russia came the actor Nathan Fillion from Firefly, actor Sebastian Roche, who played in “the Vampire Diaries” and “Original”, Michael Cudlitz playing in the TV series “the Walking dead”, complessita Lianna Vamp, and various comic artists, which didn’t seem to know I’m not the only (thank God!).

Your face when you say that this dude is famous

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While I move around the exhibition in search of activities for more active, I notice two people with VIP badges. In view of rosy-cheeked teenagers in paper crowns look very far from VIP, they also seem familiar (though, as it turned out, is not an indicator). Just in case I decide to clarify who they are. It turns out that the VIP can be any person willing to pay for a three day exhibition and one additional 7 thousand rubles. In addition, a gift given backpack. Well, if the backpack is good.

By the way, the exhibition opens to all on Friday, that hard-working man like me out to be some nonsense, but visitors, including many schoolchildren, apparently, a little confused.


One of the essential components of such exhibitions, and one of its main entertainment – cosplay. It’s essentially dressing up as any character (cosplay is abbreviation of costume play), but often people who are involved, know about the character almost everything. Some even giving yourself fangs or horns.

Comiccon is when guys absolutly notes giv e damn if next to them is Darth Vader

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Because in the games I understand a little, among the characters of Copleston I know less than half. When two hunters for ghosts, tired of the adult Harry Potter, a half a dozen Jedi and I think of Doctor Who, and not knowing all the others, in a fit of desperation decide to approach the visitors in armor with swords and crossbows and ask who they are.

The first hero – the man in the armor and scars on the face.

– Sorry, who are you?

– I Witcher Gerald of Rivia.

– Rivia? It’s somewhere in the middle East?

– No, it’s from the book.

– What do you do?

– I’m a witch, destroy the monsters. I’m a mutant. Can hypnotize, put a magic shield to move objects through telekinesis.

– Are you a good character?

– I’m neutral. I’m trying not to interfere in politics, the Affairs of men.

Tired to kill the demons and be photographed with fans

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With people with swords, something became clear. The following decide to approach the young man in a long robe and with a staff. The issue is the same.

– Tell me, who are you? Why do you have the green tip of the nose?

– Medivh, the last guardian of Tirisfal. The tip of the nose green because Garona, my girlfriend, besmirch me.

Garona is detected next, is the girl with green skin and fangs. Presumably the Orc.

She’s from your universe?

– Yes, from the Warcraft universe.

– It is clear. And what do you do?

– I protect the Legion. I also opened a black portal.

Wait, I watched the movie! You might have been killed!

– I was first killed, then I rose, then I died again. Long story.

– And why did you choose this character? He also disputed morality.

– It’s much easier. We first made the Garonne, and then, when came the question about the second suit, we made a Medivh that the young man in the story.

When asked of Medivh to take a picture with us, he turns to the Garonne, that something was going to depart: “man, come on!”

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Then the man in Oriental clothes in something like Vietnamese hats with unnaturally glowing eyes.

– What’s wrong with your eyes?

Are lenses that reflect UV light. And ultraviolet emitters in my hat.

And who are you?

– I am the God of thunder. It’s the only thing I remember because when I’m in the Earth Kingdom, I always do.

– And the realm of Earth – where is it?

Is from Mortal Kombat, fighting game.

– You good character?

– Yes, I’m guarding the peace of the Land, the people, looking for him. But I cannot interfere, though I sometimes try.

At this time, passing by the two girls in armor.

– Tell, and you with them in any relationship?


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– With them? Absolutely nothing in any. There are people from my universe, not my universe, of universes, that I do not know. It will be necessary to be enlightened. Here they are not with me. When I meet her, we exchange greetings, play scenes in General music.

Passes by a young man with Golden wings on the head for that cell.

Asked by his companion, who he is, and know that it is a Zeus. Decide just in case not to offend the Thunderer and not to distract him from the conversation and appeal to little girls-complessita, which many on the show.

“Who are you?

– I’m a Cougar! From the movie “Predator” 90-ies.

But the predator was a man.

– I’m his child!

– And this is your friend? She is also a Cougar?

– I am a huntress.

– And you can’t be friends, you have the same animosity!

– Can! We are from different universes. I’m from the game Skyrim, says hunter.

– What are you doing there?

– I’m a werewolf. I am a member of the clan. And still able to turn into a wolf.

– Can you show?

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At this time there is a wolf with a blue head, but I don’t have time to stop him and ask why the head is blue (that is a wolf, it seems normal).

After walking between the magicians, princesses, wars, werewolves and pokemon (pika-pika”), to come in equally surprising and logical conclusion: Comic Con – is the territory of creative expression and freedom, of openness to all: no matter what you play, what color you are and how you clothes (usually little), no one will mind. So we have Comic Con is such a thing for her, an intimate group of 160 thousand people (as according to the organizers, visited him this year). And those who in the subject, again coming to this fair next year, and those who wouldn’t know a witch from Medivh, in General, do not.

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