Exchange rate of the Euro fell to the lowest level since November 2015

Photo: Oleg Yakovlev/RBC

The Euro against the ruble has updated at least one year, falling to 69,37 rubles. It is the lowest figure since the end of November 2015. The strengthening of the ruble occurred against the backdrop of the rising cost of oil

Exchange rate of Euro during trading on the Moscow stock exchange has decreased against the ruble to RUB 69,37, updating at least since November 2015. Then the minimum figure was 69,06 RUB/€1.

The ruble strengthened against the background of rising world oil prices. Yesterday cost of futures for oil of mark Brent with delivery in December 2016 for the first time in four months rose above $52 a barrel.

As of 19:42, the Euro was 69,32 RUB, 0.82% below yesterday’s closing level. The maximum value of the Euro at auction Moscow exchange amounted to 69.94 RUB.

The dollar fell to RUB 62,11, the maximum value of the currency amounted to RUB 62,48 as of 19:42 the dollar is 62,15 RUB, which is 0.45% below the closing level.

“On Thursday, the pair dollar/ruble fell to a minimum 62,11 to RUB against the background of the passage of oil quotations a new high since June this year. However, to keep the ruble failed, and by the end of the day, the ruble against the dollar has returned to the mark of 62.3 RUB,” — said a senior analyst IK “Veles Capital” Yuri Kravchenko.

According to him, on 7 October, the markets will focus on data about the labor market in the United States. “If the price of oil will maintain the positions above $52 per barrel, we can not exclude new attempts to strengthen the ruble in the direction 62 RUB against dollar”, — the expert believes.

19:22 MSK cost of a barrel of Brent on the ICE exchange is $52,46.

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