The space of possibilities. E-the script makes the lessons unique

The lesson going according to the script, is no longer news in Moscow schools. Scenario, this theatrical and cinematic attribute, was in the field of education very much in demand: he became a new format of work in electronic space, which was tested by the specialists of the City methodical center of Department of education and teachers of Moscow schools.

Teachers and Methodists have prepared approximately 1.7 million e-scripts for classes in the first quarter from 5 th to 11-th class. This amount is due to the fact that the teacher has a wide field of creativity. Optionally he can use a ready template created in a methodical centre. But you can create your own, adding to the already ready-made platform of different parts and then get the author’s script, the likes of which no one of his colleagues.

The convenience of this innovation in the fact that the e-script can save the situation when, for whatever reason, requires replacement of the teacher. In this case, they can take advantage of a colleague and to replace absent teachers because it is designed in such a way that it is clearly written lesson plan and its stages, invested in all the materials and have tips for teachers. So, even a teacher, leading a completely different subject, will be able to cope with the task, using ready-made scripts are already placed in the platform, or making changes, if any material children have already mastered.

According to the Department of education, for one academic year at the Moscow schools there are about 500 thousand emergency replacements of teachers. The new system will allow to conduct lessons without disrupting the schedule or replacing one lesson with another.

Already 6 schools in the capital were trained to work with the script. In the current academic year in 93 schools will be “lessons” for teachers, where they will train to work on the new platform.

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“Design” themselves

“E-script is a kind of designer that we work with – said Eugene Chemeris, teacher of history of school № 1995. Is a versatile, ready to operate the platform through which we can equip your materials. It is incredibly variable, it is possible to saturate the audio and video, texts, photographs, drawings, add to the script links, hyperlinks, and make transitions to a variety of electronic resources.

We work with scenarios of third year, so you can quite objectively assess this resource. Once in my possession was a blackboard and chalk, and I was quite comfortable. Then came the interactive Board is also very good! Now with the creation of electronic scripts came much more features and functions, such as video, instant Internet access, and they can only be welcomed. The only problem we may face in the process, – technical problems. But fortunately, this happens so rarely that this “problem” you can just close your eyes.”

For “Oscar” do not pretend

“Scenarios for lessons I make myself, – says Anastasia Strelkova, teacher of history and social science school № 1995. – For the “Oscar” certainly doesn’t apply, but I think it turns out well. The electronic version is good because it is not a frozen form, and the field for creativity: it is possible to make some changes to improve constantly. I, for example, in your scenario all the time making various amendments, trying to make the lesson plan more interesting”.

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To the Board – with pleasure

“Working in this format is very convenient, – says Maria Yashina, Informatics teacher, school № 1571. – The lessons are interesting, dynamic, I am able to give children a greater amount of material. E-the script provides the ability to perform interactive tasks, because children love, when everything is “alive” and moving.

Guys even to the Board became happy to get out! They are willing to undergo various tests, perform tasks, become more interested. A very important feature of e – scenarios is the possibility of replacing the teacher without cancellation of the lesson. They have special tips for the teacher. Teacher similar profile to cope with the lesson. That is, the teacher of literature is, perhaps, unlikely to hold science lessons, but the math is easy. Importantly, the hints were clear.

And “get” the script is not the problem: they are moderated and then posted on the website where they can be used by colleagues. There are any materials – tables, notes, articles. They can also be used in the preparation of their own script. This is very useful especially for young teachers”.

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Computer geniuses?

“E-script does not need to be a computer genius, – says Sergey Anufriev, Informatics teacher, school № 627. For a modern teacher development and creating your own script is not a big problem, teachers – enough versed in online technologies people. This work you can learn yourself, but it’s better to visit a few classes to specialists helped to understand. For us, for example, the City methodical center held webinars. The first lesson we explained everything in detail, then, quite naturally, among the audience there were a variety of questions and the next lesson you all to ask them. However, the center of us, and now leaves no way, you can always ask and consult if the need arises.

E-script is a new and very interesting tool that combines a lot of opportunities. Changed even the technology lesson. We used to be attached to the electronic Board, now same scenario divides the lesson into three “flow”: on the tablet of the teacher on the interactive whiteboard and on the information devices of the students.

If kids don’t have devices, materials can be printed. But in any case, the lesson is more interesting”.

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Unique lessons

“E-scripts is a huge space of possibilities, – says Maxim Cuttings, Deputy Director of the City methodological center. – Modern lesson has three important “pillars”. The first teacher selected material, a content with which to work. The second is the summary of the lesson: outline, thesis, notes (depends on educational technology each teacher). And the third – materials for children: worksheets, notebooks, and so on. Today e-script brings together these three components together. Significantly increased information base with which to work the teacher. Previously, each teacher prepare for her lesson on the basis of materials which he got – in the library, in encyclopedias, from colleagues. Now created a large library of e-learning materials, which include drawings, images, videos, texts, tables – in short, everything that you may need a teacher. And already from these simple elements creates a script of the lesson.

Our objective is to provide teachers with information tools and how to work with them. We hope that thanks to the e-scripts we will have a lot of unique author’s lessons, which if necessary can also use other teachers”.

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