Died famous Polish Director Andrzej Wajda

Famous Director, screenwriter and producer Andrzej Wajda died in Poland on 91-m to year of life. According to the Polish television, he passed away Sunday evening, October 9. A few days ago he was hospitalized due to illness.

Wajda graduated from film school in 1954. At the same time, he debuted with the film “Generation”. He became the first part of a trilogy, which also included the painting “the Canal”, which brought Weide popularity, and “Ashes and diamonds”.

Also the Director in the Bank’s famous interpretation of the classics – films “Demons” under Dostoevsky’s novel, “Siberian lady Macbeth” by Leskov and “Pilate and others” by Bulgakov.

Wajda received awards at festivals in Cannes, Venice and Berlin. His films several times nominated for “Oscar” in 2000, he received the American Academy award for the contribution to cinema development. The last shot the film – “Afterimage” – in September was nominated for “Oscar”.

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