The deployment of Iskander in the Kaliningrad oblast was not surprised by NATO Secretary General

Missile complex “Iskander-M”

Photo: Grigory Sysoev/RIA Novosti

NATO Secretary General not surprised by the decision of Russia to deploy missile system “Iskander” in the Kaliningrad region. He stated at the conference, which was held by the newspaper Passauer Neue Presse

In comments to ZDF NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the transfer of the missile systems in the Kaliningrad region is a part of the model behavior, “which has been quite a long time”. According to him, NATO needs it to react, however, the Alliance opposes the cold war and a new arms race.

During his speech at the forum in Berlin, NATO Secretary General said that the Alliance wishes to expand its presence in Eastern Europe. “But we will continue to give a clear signal that our troops will be reinforced, if necessary,” he said.

At this conference the speaker of the European Parliament Martin Schulz criticized the actions of Russia in Ukraine, and by Moscow’s support of right-wing nationalists in different European countries. However, he stated the need to continue the dialogue with Russia in the hope of promoting democracy in the long run.

That Russia throws complex “Iskander-M” in Kaliningrad oblast, in early October, told the British newspaper the Guardian, referring to the Estonian sources, and Reuters, citing a source in American intelligence. Source Reuters expressed the opinion that Moscow has gone on such step or for upcoming exercises, as it was in 2014, either for “show of force — in order to show dissatisfaction with NATO.”

Later the information on the transfer of the complex “Iskander-M” in the Kaliningrad region has confirmed the Ministry of defense of Russia. The official representative of Department major General Igor Konashenkov said that the missile system is not just thrown in the Kaliningrad region.

“The plan of combat training of units of missile troops marching improving year-round training, overcoming considerable distances the territory of the Russian Federation in various ways: air, sea, and on their own,” — said Konashenkov.


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