The loss of strength. What factors lead to chronic fatigue

Often many people believe that chronic fatigue is the norm. Because the modern pace of life — lack of sleep, stress, stress, etc. — leaves no chance to feel yourself cheerful and fresh. Doctors say that people normally do not have to feel tired all the time. In any case, sleep should return him to life. At least for a while. If you completely lost the desire to work and live a full, hands down, and eyes are constantly welling with tears of self-pity, you should consult a doctor. This should be done as soon as possible if the condition persists even after the holidays. Because chronic fatigue can be the consequence of quite serious problems in the body, including pathologies of the heart, brain, cancer.

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If a person has lost the motivation to work, he sees no joy in life, and got him a real clinical depression, it is quite possible that she is the cause of a constant feeling of fatigue. This is due to the fact that a lack of serotonin — the happy hormone — in the brain leads to the depressed state of the nervous system. As a result, she begins feebly to signal the entire body overall, this means that the person is unlikely to experience joy, as each movement becomes akin to torture. Those who do become depressed, and unable for a long time not to leave the house. The situation is quickly corrected by specially selected treatment.

The lack of vitamins

Beriberi is not a medical horror story, they are able to provide good human life. Particularly strong influence on the development of persistent fatigue, lack of vitamins of group B. So, for example, because of this impaired transport of oxygen to body cells, thereby developing oxygen starvation of tissues. Inadequate amounts of these vitamins, anemia, the body begins to operate at half capacity, saving energy.

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Problematic hormones

If there is a violation of hormonal background, that also leads to the development of chronic fatigue. The process of failure goes unnoticed to the human eye. And the stranger seems to literally lean heavily fatigue.

It is worth considering that hormonal changes is not just a regular mental disorder condition in women. The disruption in this system could indicate hypothyroidism and diabetes, as these diseases often make the person an invalid.

Heart cry for help

Fatigue often develops as a symptom of cardiovascular problems. This happens for the reason that due to failure of the heart and spasm of blood vessels impaired tissue oxygenation and blood. As a result, the body switches to saver mode. Chronic fatigue often appears as a consequence of hypertension, atherosclerosis. It is also worth considering that if the fatigue is accompanied by headache, which persists for a long time, you should visit a cardiologist. This symptom often indicates an impending heart attack.

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Metabolic disorders

For the proper and efficient functioning of muscles and the whole body the body needs glucose from food. Important role in absorption played by the insulin. If this hormone in the blood, it causes drowsiness. While oversupply and lack of demand it leads to the development of serious chronic fatigue. And if the body can’t properly expend the accumulated glucose, it switches to the power saving mode.

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Lack of relaxation

Physical and mental exhaustion can often not be felt. For example, if a person is engaged in some urgent or special business, the rush of adrenaline he may not be feeling total fatigue. Often many forget that for a long time did not sleep, as expected, doing 3-4 hours a day. However, as we are assured by doctors that sleep is not an empty pastime, but a vital necessity. The only way the body of a man recovered completely, and the brain gets the energy to complete the work.

Due to the depletion of the body it marked the decline of amount of vitamins, deterioration of the nervous system, changes in emotional background and much more. As a result the person feels a sense of profound fatigue, get rid of which is not so easy.

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