“The American chess player refused to go to Iran for the world Cup

A chess player from the United States origin of the Georgian Nazi Paikidze-Barnes refused to participate in the world Cup in Iran, which will be held in February 2017 in Tehran, because of the restriction of women’s rights in the country, said on Sunday Georgian media.

The decision was taken by her after the international chess Federation (FIDE) has notified the participant of the championship, which will involve additional rules to comply with the strict laws imposed in Iran after the Islamic revolution in 1979. In particular, all players will be required to cover their heads with hijab.

Paikidze said he was not going to wear the hijab and thus support the oppression of women’s rights, even if she had to miss one of the most important competitions in her life.

She launched a petition, which encourages the administration of FIDE to move the championship to another country, or affect the government of Iran and to cancel the stated limitations. Requirements athletes supported more than 16 thousand people. In the text of the petition, the Georgian said that the decision to host the world Cup in Tehran violates the fundamental principles of Federation, which “rejected discrimination on national, political, racial, social or religious reasons or on the basis of sex”.

On the side Paikidze was made by the U.S. Chess Federation. The President of Federation Harry Walters stated that they fully support Paikidze.

Paikidze was born in 1993 in Irkutsk. When Nazi was four years old her family moved to Tbilisi. After 18 years she moved to the United States and enrolled in the University of Maryland. Since 2012, she performed for the student chess team. After a successful tournaments Paikidze became team USA. In her record of 12 medals – 6 gold, she has twice won the world championship four times – the European championship on chess among juniors.

Currently Paikidze with her husband – an American engineer Gregor Barnes lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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