At the entrance to the building of the Abkhazian television and radio company hit a bomber

Photo: Valeriy Melnikov/Kommersant

An unidentified man was blown up in Abkhazia on the territory of the state TV and radio company. Law enforcement agencies claim that he had a bomb with shrapnel

At the entrance to the building of the state television and radio in Abkhazia was blown up the man. This was announced by the head of the Ministry Aslan Kobakhia, reports TASS.

“In the TV hit a man, clearly shows that he had a bomb with shrapnel. Likely that he was not alone. Is operational work involving all law enforcement bodies of Abkhazia”, — said the Minister. The incident occurred at about 7:05 local time (6:05 GMT).

As notes “Interfax”, the man was blown up at the entrance to the building of the broadcasting company. The interior Ministry, the Agency reported that “on the scene found the corpse of a bearded man”.

He said that “the terrorist was in a tracksuit, he was 30-35 years old, his personality is identified”. He also stressed that, according to operational services, the suicide bomber had an accomplice.

The Prosecutor of Sukhum Ruslan TurkPA in an interview with the Agency “Apsnypress” was told that the identity of the man is not yet established.

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