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The representative of the Royal Bank of Scotland said that account RT “remain open and still work.” Earlier, the Prime Minister’s office said that the issue of closing the accounts is the responsibility of the Bank

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has denied closure of accounts of the Russian TV channel RT, noting that the accounts are still open and available for transactions, according to Reuters.

“Such decisions are not made easily. We check the situation and contact the customer for further negotiations. Accounts remain open and are still working,” — said the representative of the Bank.

Earlier Monday, about blocking the accounts of the TV channel in the UK said the chief editor of RT Margarita Simonyan.

Comments RBC Simonyan said that the decision was a great surprise for her, and the reasons for freezing the Bank accounts unknown to her. Later the chief editor of RT said that “account is not locked and closed”.

On the channel’s website published a letter from National Westmister Bank (NatWest, subsidiary Bank RBS), which States that the Bank “after careful consideration” decided to stop the service RT. It also notes that the decision is final.

The Russian foreign Ministry said that it would require the British authorities to explain the situation. The Ministry called the blocking of the accounts agreed with the official London action “to eliminate inconvenient for British officialdom, but the popular among the British public news site”.

Earlier on Monday the representative of the Prime Minister Theresa may said that the decision to block the accounts of the TV channel Russia Today is in the competence of the Bank and its “willingness to take risks.”

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