His prick? If we completely abandon the “foreign” medicines

Will it be enough? All the experts agree on one thing — this amount is a drop in the ocean. Compare: on health care overall in the 2016 budget provides 354 billion. That is, import substitution in medicine will go in 20 times less. But, on the other hand, we need to know where to start. And the first steps in this direction have already been made. For example, the share of Russian x-ray technology today was 80%. Actually replaced foreign devices to conduct analyses of their domestic counterparts. There is progress in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Tube from abroad

Nice? Alas, all these victory — an island of prosperity in an ocean of problems. For example, the Scientific center of cardiovascular surgery them. Bakuleva — bearer of Russian surgery. Here do the operation, which are sometimes beyond the strength of the Western colleagues. And that’s what explains its Director, the world shone cardiac surgery Leo Bockeria. During a visit to the clinic , Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev Boqueria showed him a special one-time-hook-clip. Its purpose: to cauterize the vessels with liquid nitrogen. To the new medicine it is difficult to carry, however these tubes are still buying from the US — for every (!) spend 10 thousand dollars. Another example Bokeria: the intracellular solution. Now buy it in Germany. Doctors have developed a domestic analogue of (much more effective by the way). But you can not use — ran into a problem registering and creating a production line. It turned out, both require a considerable starting capital, which is simply no. Medvedev was indignant and promised to help. But it is impossible to solve every such problem, resorting to the help of the Prime Minister.

We have the scientists, the technology, but this is not enough. Which hampers the pharmaceutical production

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The Golden syringe

Yes there is! Sometimes there are no forces on the replacement of the elementary foreign goods. For example, syringes. Theoretically, the country has several industries, but they are hardly able to compete with Chinese products. Too cheap offers China good quality disposable syringes. And who from health facilities faced with the task of saving all and all — will be spent on a more expensive, albeit a domestic analogue? The same problem — the raw material for the production of many medicines. In China, India, Hungary pharmacology has reached the highest level. Local producers offer almost any medications. In such circumstances, to compete with domestic firms difficult. Fortunately, the government understands that. The Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova very wisely said: “Farmproduce, which in Russia is no equal and no technology, we have purchased and will purchase. It is important for us not to hurt ourselves, to provide the population with everything necessary”. “The fruit of the terrible 1990-ies was the complete ruin of our pharmaceutical industry, — says Leonid Roshal, head of the National medical chamber. In the end, we got on a needle of import. And this is a problem of national security”.

“Stop the demon.” Why health care in Cuba is better than in Russia and the United States?

Theoretically, the substitution will make the country independent from external influences. Here is an example of Cuba: she has lived 80 years in conditions of severe sanctions. Managed, with the help of Soviet doctors, however, fully to organize production of all necessary to bring the situation to the point that today there medicine is better developed than in the United States. And fewer children die and people live longer, healthcare is more effective. But it is important to go to the same marvelous result in peace, without exposing our citizens risk to be without necessary medicines. By the way, according to experts, in recent years, prices have gone up at least twice. The main growth among foreign medicines that gives a head start to domestic producers.

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