Are thick and old. 8 fashion trends that are not for everyone

Season fall-winter 2016-2017 was rich in a variety of forms, textures, prints, colors and styles. Trends are fascinating, but how to adapt them to her own wardrobe and way of life, know one. Unfortunately, the bitter truth, which many refuse to accept women: current trends are not for everyone! An expert in the field of fashion and style Elena Mareeva dismantled some of the most controversial in this fall-winter season trends, and told who can afford them and who is not.


In the fashion of hypersexuality in the 80s, along with extra head of hair and careless eyes. The trend is good for young, creative, daring, as well as people from the world of fashion who know how to sell it. If you come out of a rebellious age and the heyday of your youth came about in the 80s — this is necessary to avoid this style. Otherwise, you risk looking old-fashioned!



Absolute favorite this season — velvet — conquers the richness of the colors and luxury textures: deep emerald, ruby and gold suit very many women. Designers offer to wear it both day and evening dresses, jackets and even shoes. One “but” — the velvet look fat. If you have excess weight and be in trend you really want — prefer accessories made out of velvet. For example, elegant velvet pumps or loafers will not cause any financial or aesthetic damage to their hostess.


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Beautiful, sophisticated, solemn trend. If you can’t keep your face and wear the crown in all situations, I believe that the tale has no place in everyday life, you have the risk to look like a jacquard on “Granny’s sofa”. But seriously, a complex fabric in color and texture can eat up your personality and add age. In addition, the jacquard look fat.



Natural and artificial, colour and monochrome, bright and classic shades, and shaggy plush fur in all its guises “king of beasts” this season on the fashion stages of the world. However, it is not for everyone in style, character, physique and the size of the purse. If you are planning to invest in something that will last you one season, give preference to the classical forms and calm colours. To be in trend will help the scarf or boa, and purse that look great both in natural and artificial execution. But the shoes, trimmed with fur, on the platform, and without it, most likely, slender, long-legged and those who do not care at all.



The dimensionless or the effect of “cast-off” in fashion is not the first season. Designers offer to wear: dresses, skirts, sweaters, and coats oversize. Especially fashionable this winter will be hyperonymy jackets. They have a lot of advantages: convenient, comfortable, warm, underneath you can wear anything practical. One drawback: most are only tall, ascetic physique of the people. In order not to look like a ridiculous snowman, choose coats and jackets of matte fabric with vertical lines in shapes.


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Acutely fashionable adornment, which should tightly fit the neck. Requires an open decollete, perfect oval face and a Swan neck. If the puzzles don’t go from the trend should be abandoned. However, under a wide choker Princess of Wales hid the ugly scar on his neck. How to adapt a trend, if you really want? To give preference to beige, gold, Nude colours and, for example Princess, wide cockeram, which resembles tight-fitting choker V – shape.


Large pendants with the image of big cats or other funny faces

Be careful! See that “face” on the pendant was not to argue with you, because who wins in this case — the big question. Would be a shame to lose “face”, surrounding with interest, not paying absolutely no attention to you. This same principle stick to when selecting sweatshirts or t-shirts with pictures of beautiful girls and other dramatic entities.



Not give up the fashionable items that season in a row. Has a right to exist only in an expensive form, and in the literal and figurative sense. Will not go to those who more like the victim than the predator.


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