Moscow police have detained a 17-year-old swindler, deceived Lena Volatile

Khabarovsk Ostap Bender, who had previously been mixed up in scandal with sale of autographs of TV stars Elena Flying, managed to hold Moscow operatives in the Suite of the hotel on the South-West of the capital. 17-year-old boy, like the hero Leonardo DiCaprio from the movie “Catch me if you can”, deception managed free tickets to fly business class, live in the best hotel rooms and attend expensive trips in different cities of Russia.


As it became known “MK”, some time ago in ATC SWAD asked the representative of the firm, which is engaged in booking of flights and rooms in hotels. The man told me that not so long ago, they contacted the young man, who introduced himself as assistant editor of one of the Khabarovsk popular publications. The young man said that the management sends him on a business trip to the capital and he needs plane tickets of Business class and Suite in a good hotel. Employees of firm have explained to the client that without payment, compliance with these requests is impossible. The young man began to convince them that the wording does not use cash, and even sent a scanned payment order at the Bank already made payment (it was later revealed that the young rogue it cleverly faked). The organization has made concessions, booked tickets and a room in a hotel located on Union street in Moscow. The guy made it safely to the capital, checked into apartment and began to visit all sorts of excursions that were included in the tour price. Meanwhile, the money (their sum was around 85 thousand) on account of the company and has not arrived. The management decided to contact the newspaper, and it turned out that the staff member they have. Actually, he worked there as a freelance reporter, however, found this work interesting and quit about a year ago. Moreover, all the videos posted for the authorship of a young man online and allegedly belonging to the publication, was improvised. He presented it to the editor of the newspaper, but the material was boring, and besides, didn’t fit the format of the newspaper. Upon learning this information, the firm’s representatives went to the police. The police detained a minor crook in the room of the hotel. By the way, there lived a young man in “chocolate”: this apartment, which cost was 6 thousand rubles per day, was equipped with all kinds of appliances, there was even a Jacuzzi. To deny the newly-born “son! go away, citizen” did not fully confessed to the Scam. It soon became clear that the fraud scheme was fully worked out and applied in different cities of Russia: Omsk, Novosibirsk and others. A teenager who recently graduated from high school, raised mother. He was able to convince the parent that wants to become a famous journalist, and frequent trip, the teenager explained to the parent of “operational necessity”.

As explained “MK” in the press service of UVD for South-West, on this fact the investigation Department opened a criminal case on signs of the crime provided by article 159 of the criminal code “Fraud” against the suspect preventive measure in the form of recognizance not to leave.

By the way, how did you find the “MK” a year ago a young man was at the center of an Internet scandal. Then he was Manager of the group dedicated to the well-known TV presenter Elena Fly. On the rights of the project Manager, the guy with the knowledge of teledive held competitions among members of the community prize Fund which was her autograph. After a while it became clear that the administrator requires money for sending the signatures of the star by mail, arguing that the payment for the shipment. One autograph fraud was estimated at 180 rubles. After learning about the incident, Volatile wrote an angry post in social networks, after which the would-be crook also admitted their guilt and sincerely asked for an apology via a video message to Elena.

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