Russian scientists have presented a method to destroy cancer with vitamin B2

Experiments on laboratory mice has enabled the Russian specialists in collaboration with colleagues from Australia and France to test the effectiveness of the developed by them method of destruction of cancer cells using nanoparticles and vitamin B2. According to experts, the first tests were successful.


As noted Eugeny khaydukov from the Center of Photonics and crystallography RAS in Moscow, in the experiment, laboratory mice were inoculated with human cancer, then the organism was injected large amounts of vitamin B2 and nanoparticles, which subsequently was irradiated with a special laser. According to him, the use of this method helped to retard the growth of tumor cells and about 10 times to reduce the tumor volume.

Scientists explained that vitamin B2, i.e. Riboflavin molecules, interact with blue light and ultraviolet radiation, using the energy to produce molecules of hydrogen peroxide, atomic oxygen and other aggressive oxidants. However, many types of cancer cells in large quantities absorb vitamin B2. In this regard, scientists for quite some time came up with the idea to use Riboflavin as a kind of “weapon” against cancer cells, however, irradiating these molecules with ultraviolet light without harm to the body was a difficult task. This is the problem intended to solve specific nanoparticles, they absorb infrared radiation, transforming it into ultraviolet and then be redirected to the cells of vitamin B2.

An experiment on laboratory animals was carried out for 50 days, and from time to time during this period, laboratory animals were irradiated with a laser. According to the researchers, the result we have obtained quite promising results. In the future the researchers hope to conduct clinical trials of the method.

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