Scientists have calculated how often spouses cheat on each other

A group of researchers representing the University of Utah, found that over several decades the percentage of people who are cheating on their spouses, in General, has not changed, but the attitude towards cheating as a phenomenon has become more negative. Both these conclusions, according to experts, suggests that the desire for infidelity is not a part of human nature.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

It is worth noting that in their study, the researchers relied on data from a series of surveys and, of course, did not have the opportunity to double-check. The respondents also had no reason to lie as he answered questions anonymously.

As it turned out, for the past two decades the number of people unfaithful to their current “second halves”, in General, remained almost unchanged at 20-25 percent among men and 10-15 percent among women. Experts note that these numbers cannot be called very small, they do not acknowledge sometimes sounding generalization that their spouses secret alter all or almost all people.

However, it should be noted that the attitude towards adultery, despite the proliferation of the aforementioned stereotype, over the past decade was not more lenient, but, on the contrary, very hard. According to researchers, this is due to the fact that recently, people has changed its attitude to the marriage before the couple was not expecting from each other, no friendship, no skills in bed, so infidelity was sometimes something more “self-evident”. Now the same people who are getting married, that decision, impose on each other is a big commitment.

However, the researchers found, and another trend — changes over time and people’s understanding of the word “treason”. For several decades significantly increased the number of people who understand it in the narrowest sense. Previously a much larger number of people meant that not only sexual intercourse with another person, but also, for example, kissing, and sometimes even flirting. Now, such interpretation are losing popularity.

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