In Kyrgyzstan, the lost Constitution, but changes all the same will make

The original text of the Constitution of Kyrgyzstan lost, it became known on the discussion of the bill on the referendum. The original main document of the country is not as in the Ministry of justice and in the administration of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic.


Meeting of the Parliament of the Republic about “the referendum “On amendments to the Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic” began with complete failure. At the request of the Deputy Aida Sinoway to provide podlinnik of the Constitution was the answer — it is not, and where is he, nobody knows.

Minister of justice Jyldyz Mambetalieva said that the original Constitution should be in the office of the President and a representative of Moldakul Abdyldayev claimed that it is not there. “The Constitution was prepared by Omurbek Tekebaev (Chairman of the constitutional Council — “MK”), I think we can divert him,” said Abdyldayev.

To put everything in their places, tried the head of the presidential staff, Farid Niyazov, who told the deputies about the published text of the Basic law in the newspaper “Erkin-Too”, after which he entered into force, and anyone who wants to see the details of the document can read it there. But MPs are suspicious that the text in the newspaper — not a real one. Since the adoption of the latest Constitution of Kyrgyzstan in 2010, there was talk about her switch. Like, instead of this law, the Republic lives another document. In 2014, human rights activists have filed a lawsuit in the Constitutional chamber. They argued that the text of the Constitution is a fake. The idea is this, in the newspaper “Erkin-Too” was the published text of the law, but it is different from the real content of the Constitution. However, no evidence of this. However, as the original.

Despite the debate, the Parliament adopted in the second reading the bill on amendments to the Constitution of the country. In the end, the date of the referendum postponed from 4 to 11 December 2016 and will be held on the same day as local elections like President Atambayev. Only a referendum will show whether people want to amend the Basic law. The changes also mean the transformation of the Republic from a presidential-parliamentary into a parliamentary one. Recall that the deadline for the presidential office of the acting head of Kyrgyzstan expires on 1 December 2017. If people say “Yes” to the vote probably Almazbek Atambayev is the Prime Minister of the Republic. But the most interesting is not it. But just the fact that according to the lost text of the Constitution, to edits it is not until 2020.

“Yesterday was the President’s chief of staff, Farid Niyazov, and somehow obatala from the loss of the original Constitution, — told the “MK” Daniil Kislov, an expert on Central Asia, chief editor of the online edition of — Say, a text published in the newspaper, on the website of the President and Parliament. The text of the Constitution approved by Parliament. It is clear that the country was a different revolution, have gotten lost, whatever. But that’s not important… We can’t see the original Constitution of the Russian Federation, Kyrgyzstan is not the US where in the us Senate stored the public the original of the Declaration of independence in 1776 and everyone can read it. Most importantly, more…. The Kyrgyz government could not and can not make changes to the Basic law. In the current edition of the Constitution it is written that there is a moratorium on changing specific chapters. In the list are those items that want to change. The law on referendum and the future vote to violate the Constitution. The amendments will strengthen the Executive and will significantly weaken the judiciary.

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