The sharp stones of the Capuchins forced to rewrite the history of human civilization

Probably sharpening stones, today recognized as one of the first tools in history, actually were not made by ancient people. This is evidenced by the fact that similar items polyleucine create a sufficiently distant “relatives” of modern humans — black-striped Capuchin, living in Brazil.


It was already known that the Capuchins used stones in particular, in order to open the shells of nuts. Now, however, scientists have discovered that these animals sometimes simply hitting stones against each other. This, in particular, leads to the fact that one of the stones split into fragments, and it becomes sharp. However, as scientists assume monkeys do not realize that a “side” product of their labor is a valuable tool — they are not trying to cut anything with it, and generally do not show the sharp stone no interest.

Scientists are not yet ready to clearly answer the question of what role the Capuchins played for the “ritual” of breaking stones. As one of the versions put forward the idea that certain minerals within rocks, or moss on them benefit the health of monkeys, and they breathe the necessary substances together with rising dust.

According to experts, observing the Capuchins cast doubt in the fact that all previously discovered ancient tools were created as such, were made by people or even demanded from his Creator high cognitive abilities or human hands. According to scientists, this may mean that the early history of the development of human technology, it is necessary in some respects to reconsider.

Their research zoologists published in the scientific journal Nature.

Creating tools has long been considered one of the Central features that distinguishes humans from any animal. However, this confidence in the past decade has shaken a lot of different facts.

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