Module Schiaparelli crashed while landing on Mars

After two days of unsuccessful attempts to contact the module ExoMars received confirmation of the death of Schiaparelli when landing on Mars. This was officially announced in the European space Agency. Experts have got pictures from the American satellite, which clearly showed that the module crashed on the surface of the red planet.


Program Manager descent Schiaparelli in ESA Thierry Blanker reported that the module of the Russian-European mission “Eczemas” still crashed while landing on Mars. As reports TASS, it became clear after the American satellite Mars reconnaissance Orbiter in orbit around Mars was able to photograph the landing of the module.

. @NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has imaged changes on #Mars surface linked
to #ExoMars @ESA_EDM

— ESA (@esa) on 21 October 2016.

As explained Blanker, experts believe that the lander has reached the surface of Mars at a much higher rate than anticipated.

Recall that during descent on Wednesday, the signal from the unit was interrupted for 50 seconds to touch the Martian surface. Russian engineers then said that this reminded them of the situation, which hit in 1974, the Russian spacecraft “Mars-6”.

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