During the battle in Nizhny Novgorod were killed two militants

On the morning of 23 October between 8 and 9 o’clock the inhabitants of one of districts of Nizhny Novgorod close to Ankudinovskoe highway heard a series of shots. Then on the forums and in social networks there were messages that the roads are blocked, and the population is recommended not to leave the house. A little later it became known that the area is a counter-terrorist operation. A similar case was in mid-August in St. Petersburg. But the security forces knew who are detained. Here, apparently, it all happened spontaneously.

photo: morguefile.com

It all started with the fact that law enforcement officers have stopped for check of documents the car Daewoo Nexia. Were in it men opened fire. In the shootout two of them were killed and one detained. According to preliminary information, during the battle, three members of SWAT injured.

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Law enforcement authorities immediately cordoned off the area and local residents were forbidden to leave their homes. All information was received in the media thanks to caring people who from the Windows was filming the incident on mobile phones. In particular, due to this it became known that in the car of militants was discovered by a bomb, but intelligence has not yet revealed the explosive power.

But police sources said about a search conducted at the apartment of the dead and the detained. It is known that the crime already prosecuted for the terrorist attack.

Remaining in an informational vacuum, the residents of Nizhny Novgorod have suggested that the rebels could time his attack to the anniversary of the terrorist attack in the Theatrical center on Dubrovka in Moscow, which happened on 23 October, 14 years ago. Whether so it actually, or something else could have triggered the onslaught of criminals, “MK” asked Ahmet YARLYKAPOV, senior researcher of the Center for Caucasus and regional security MGIMO:

— Everything happens exactly as predicted by the experts. The strategy of modern terrorist organisations is to actively build its network of cells outside of already controlled territory or traditional habitat. Their distribution on the entire territory of Russia is only a matter of time, if law enforcement will not change its methods of combating terrorism.

— Do you think the terrorists were able to time their action to the events in the Theatrical center on Dubrovka in 2002? The dates match.

— Hardly it is possible. Since that time, the terrorist underground several generations, and today few people remember about those events, not to mention the fact that left contemporaries of those events.

— How effective the struggle against Salafi mosques, compilation unofficial “Wahhabi lists” and other government attempts to stop the spread of radical Islam?

— There is also a corruption component, and the tools to combat unwanted… Often people make lists just to ruin somebody’s life, or to extort a bribe from him. If these methods could bring benefits for the conservation of peace, it should be noted that terrorist organizations quickly adapt to changing conditions. Security forces should try to be as mobile. In the end, their actions often lead to an increase in the number dissatisfied with the current regime. The situation demands innovative solutions and lists and there is nothing to fix.

— The terrorists decided to throw its “network” on Russia after it intervened in the conflict in Syria, or it would have happened anyway?

— In any case. Thousands of Russians went to fight in the ranks of the banned in Russia “Islamic state” and other terrorist organizations. This fact alone posed a threat to our country. Another thing is that the longer the security forces will fight terrorists with old methods, the more Russia will get caught up in their cells.

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