In Moscow killed the teenager, dropped out of the window under the influence of drugs

The student of 11th grade of a Moscow school died after falling from a window in a residential building on Sunday night on the highway altufyevskoe.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

As reported by “MK” in law enforcement, on Saturday afternoon 17-year-old Muscovite went for a walk with friends. He returned about 22.0, and immediately went to my room and turned out the light. About two o’clock in the morning on 23 October, the young man woke up the relatives inappropriate behavior — he incoherently mumbled something, tried to open the window, and rushed to the door. Then, seizing the moment, the student managed to come out on the landing in his underpants, opened the window in the Elevator lobby on the 15th floor and jumped onto a shared balcony, located on the 14th floor. Stunt stunt failed the young man. Perhaps inspired by the success, he decided to repeat it. The fire escape, he moved to the other side of the house and he jumped. But this time, slipped and fell down. From the received traumas the teenager has died in hospital.

According to the preliminary version, the cause of the tragedy was the use of hard drugs. Perhaps, the child accepted them with friends and then stopped to control his actions. It is known that the young man was engaged in historical fencing in the center of scientific and technical creativity.

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