Mourinho apologized to the fans of “Manchester United”

Head coach of “Manchester United” Jose Mourinho apologized to the fans for devastating defeat from “Chelsea”

“MU” has conceded “Chelsea” with the account 0:4, conceding two goals in each half. After the match, Mourinho thanked the fans for their support and apologized to them for the result. “The fans were incredibly supportive of us throughout the 90 minutes. And we have disappointed millions of fans around the world. I am very sorry and I must apologize for our game as a coach. The only thing I can say is I am 100 percent belongs to “Manchester United”. Not 99 percent, and another Chelsea or any other club, but only “Manchester United”. But there’s only one way out of this situation – to go to the gym and continue to fight”, – quotes Mourinho official website of Manchester United.

For Mourinho, the match against Chelsea was the first at Stamford bridge after he was sacked as head coach of the London club. After the match, Mourinho came to the current Chelsea Manager Antonio Conte said in his ear a few sentences. At a press conference he declined to say what he said to the Italian, however, journalists are using technology to read lips, recognize the phrase. “You don’t have to get the crowd when the score was 0:4. This can be done with the score 0:1. When the score was 0:4 it is humiliating,” said Mourinho in Italian.

Conte, commenting on the words of Mourinho, said that he sees in his communication with the fans nothing wrong with that. “I was a football player, know how to behave on the field, and treat everyone with great respect. Fans of “Manchester United” continued to sing, and our fans after such a great game why-that was silent. I wanted to ask them to applaud our players, in my opinion, this is quite normal. Between me and Jose, nothing happened, I normally behaved. I’m not ridiculed, I always show respect and demand the same in return. If you want to remove the emotion, then we better sit at home and change their profession. Again, I was absolutely fine. I never did anything to humiliate Mourinho” – quoted Conte with reference to Sky Sports.

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