The effect of Panda. 4 ways to combat dark circles under the eyes

If in childhood we were frightened with stories about a dark, dark room, with age, this fear turned into a fear of the dark, dark circles under the eyes. You can be an irresistible beauty, but when on the face are the bruises, the surrounding people, one and all, forget about your attraction and start to give advice: “you should get some sleep, start to eat right, get rest, etc.” Everything is good, but not always effective. Sometimes such recommendations have to connect “heavy artillery”. How to deal with dark circles under the eyes by using various techniques Aify learn from the experts.

1. Massage with elements of lymphatic drainage techniques

Natali Grishina, beautician: This is one of the most simple procedures. However, it eliminates excessive swelling and improves microcirculation around the eye area. Usually the massage ends with the application of a mask on the paraorbital area.

Contraindications: violation of the integrity of the skin barrier the result of some allergic reactions, chronic diseases of the organs of vision. In this case we are talking about fairly serious problems (glaucoma, retinal detachment), a small, short-sightedness or farsightedness contraindications do not apply.

I want to emphasize one very important detail: no treatment will not give result if the appearance of circles under the eyes is associated with medical factors — iron deficiency, chronic kidney disease, cardiovascular system, etc. Unfortunately, in such situations, you just throw your money away.

The frequency of the procedure: 2 times a week. If the beautician works only with paraorbital area, the procedure lasts 15-20 minutes. Course — from 10 to 15 sessions.

The effect of progress rate will largely depend on what kind of lifestyle you lead. Important sleep and rest, the presence or absence of harmful habits, which shift you work, in what conditions — for example, a computer has a negative impact on the skin, especially on the skin around the eyes. If you exclude all confounding factors, the effect will last for 3 to 6 months.

Cost: if the care area is localized only in the eye area — from 700 rubles. Of course we do not take unique, patented massage techniques that are much more expensive.

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2. Pulse currents (electromyostimulation)

Such procedures have a very positive influence on the function of the cells and “awaken” their potential, improve metabolism.

Contraindications: presence of a pacemaker, pregnancy, lactation, cancer, epilepsy.

The frequency of the procedure: 1-2 treatments a week. Duration — about 30 minutes. The course is 10-15 procedures, which is repeated, as a rule, strictly every six months, since the effects are more profound than in a normal massage. Any pain pulsed currents do not cause.

Cost: it all depends on what makeup specialist uses. Prices start from 1000.

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3.Invasive impact

Mesotherapy — this procedure in the superficial layers of the skin are injected cocktails. They can be prepared or obtained from different components (vasoprotection).

Contraindications for all invasive methods of stimulation: absolute — pregnancy, lactation, cancer. Relative allergic reactions, individual intolerance of some components, the menstrual cycle, intake of anticoagulants. Such procedures do not earlier than 18 years. It is very important to start with the history of the health of the client, only then can you understand whether it is effective one or the other technique.

The frequency of the procedure: 1 times a week, about 7 treatments. Repeat this method of treatment is possible every six months. If we are dealing with a young skin once a year.

Cost: perhaps the most affordable of all invasive techniques — from 2500 rubles.

Biorevitalization — injection of hyaluronic acid. Made papulnaya technique, give a stimulating and rejuvenating effect.

The frequency of the procedure: 1 every 2 weeks. Course from 4 to 5. Repeat biorevitalization every six months.

Cost: it all depends on the number of zones that undergo the procedure. If the beautician works only with paraorbital area — from 3500 rubles.

Fillers-fillers — are used when the bruises under his eyes, accompanied by the appearance of nasolacrimal furrow. In fact it is already familiar to us hyaluronic acid, which forms a kind of cushion and partially covers the emerging blue.

The frequency of the procedure: done only once. The effect lasts about a year.

Cost: from 8000 rubles, depending on the drug, time of operation (6, 8, 12 months), the manufacturer. Naturally, the more purified protein impurities from hyaluronic acid is more expensive. But, it is a safety issue, so I would not recommend to save on their own health.

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4. Permanent makeup

Anna Savina, master of permanent makeupprocedure to camouflage dark circles under the eyes is carried out in several stages. Pigment is applied thinly to each other, which ensures its uniform distribution on the skin. Due to prior anesthesia the client is not experiencing any discomfort.

The primary crust, swelling and redness to go for 5 days. This factor must be taken into account if you are a public person or have you scheduled any meetings since to get out of the house, you can only glasses. In this case, even makeup will not save the situation. Full healing process is 28-35 days.

Contraindications: it is important to distinguish between the causes of dark circles under the eyes. In the case when they arise from the close proximity of blood vessels to the skin — a problem I can work with. But in cases where under the eyes appear dark brown spots, tattoo impotent because they are located above the layer, where the hammered paint.

Also, this procedure is contraindicated in pregnancy, lactation, various skin rashes in the area of the procedure. Otherwise no special contraindications.

The frequency of the procedure: after permanent makeup need a month to come to the correction. For maximum effect you will need 2 to 4 treatments depending on the dark circles. The effect lasts 3-4 years, after which the pigment evenly leaving the skin and tattooing can be repeated.

Cost: an average of 50,000 rubles, plus every correction — 15000.

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