The last parade of the USSR. What the world was like in the day of the premiere of “Field of Miracles”

Millions of viewers every Friday night the whole families sit in front of screens in the hope that someday they will be able to win the coveted car, and in the black box are not forks of cabbage. The program has become a symbol of several eras. It lived the world that day, when “Field of dreams” forever changed Russian television?

Kazakhstan declares sovereignty

Exactly on the day of the release of the first edition of “Field of dreams”, October 25, 1990, the Supreme Soviet of the Kazakh SSR adopted the Declaration on state sovereignty. Making numerous references to the right of Nations to self-determination of the Kazakh armed forces decided that CEB is a sovereign state that has voluntarily merged with other Soviet republics in the Union of Sovereign republics and reserves the right to leave at their discretion. Based on this and similar declarations, adopted by several other Soviet republics, in 1991, was to be signed a Treaty of Alliance. Less than a year in the country there will be a coup, and these plans will remain unfulfilled.

Signs of perestroika: what is most memorable times of acceleration and glasnost?

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Saparmurat Niyazov has not yet received the title of Turkmenbashi

On the day of the debut of the phrase “Turn the wheel!” Turkmenistan was preparing for the first presidential elections. Was preparing peacefully, without a sharp struggle and debate between the candidates. The fact that the future winner of Saparmurat Niyazov was the only candidate. With a turnout of 96.7%, it scored 98.3% of the votes. After a few years he will be proclaimed the “father of all Turkmens of the world”, the title will be called “Turkmenbashi”.

Gennady Burbulis: the collapse of the Soviet Union – purifying optimistic tragedy

Was the last parade of the USSR

Before you begin to try to guess the word faster than it will make guests “Field of miracles”, the audience watched live on the last parade in the history of the USSR. It was dedicated to the 73rd anniversary of the great October socialist revolution. The parade was reviewed by Minister of defence of the USSR, Marshal of the Soviet Union Dmitry Yazov. With a solemn speech made festively decorated podium Mikhail Gorbachev. A year later, the country whose President he was not.

Poland selects Lech Walesa

On the day when the phrase “Field of Miracles” has ceased to be associated only with the tale of Pinocchio, Poland passed the first round of the presidential election. First place was won by the consistent anti-Communist and the leader of the movement “Solidarity” Lech Walesa. Soon, he finally won the elections in the second round and becomes President, which will be firmly associated “withdrawal of Poland from the influence of Moscow”. Walesa will also be known for statements about their own “pride for the victory over communism,” and that “homosexuals should sit in the Parliament separately, and possibly outside the wall.”

Warsaw surprise. The new President of Poland was Andrzej Duda

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In China arranged a record number of victims of the attack

“Demons” of the revolution. The murder of Romanov was the first terrorist attack in the history of Moscow

The period when the people of our country got acquainted with the concept of “capital-show” the word “terrorism” they were seen as historical or purely foreign. Before the premiere of “Field of Miracles” citizens discussed the terrorist attack that occurred in China. Guangzhou airport has faced 3 of the aircraft. The reason was a Boeing 737, hijacked by terrorists. The airliner, which was carrying 93 passengers and 9 crew members, took off from Xiamen. During the flight control of the plane tried to capture a terrorist, hung with 7 kg of explosives. He demanded from the commander of the ship to fly to Taiwan, but the pilots did not obey. As a result, the plane flew to Guangzhou and circled around the city, trying to bring down uganska confused. After the plane ran out of fuel the pilot was forced to make an emergency landing. Terrorist discerned the trick and rushed to the commander, multi-ton edifice, rushing at great speed along the runway, lost control and crashed into other aircraft. Victims of tragedy of a total of 128 people.

At that time it was the largest number of victims of act of terrorism in the world. Before the attack on the twin towers in new York, victims of which will be almost 3 thousand people, was still 11 years old.

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