At the meeting of the RAS instead of the plants discussed funding

Political question about the very questionable role of the Federal Agency of scientific organizations (FANO), which now directs the scientific institutions of Russia, began on Wednesday a General meeting of the RAS in the Large hall of the Academy on Leninsky Prospekt.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Despite the fact that the main topic of the meeting of October 26 was declared a scientific session on “Genetic resources of plants, animals and micro-organisms in the service of humanity”, the members of the Presidium could not first thing is not to raise a sore point for the Academy is its funding. No joke, in 2017 the government plans to cut it by 10 billion rubles. That’s a lot. Scientists do not understand what they carry out scientific research. But there are duplicating the managing organization FANO, whose proposals and initiatives are often not supported by scientists. The essence of the proposal made in the walls of the Russian Academy of Sciences, is to bring all of science under the Ministry of education, to create a separate Ministry or the Committee on science and technology, and FANO to make just one of its divisions.

The main intrigue of the current of the RAS General Assembly — elections to the corresponding members and academicians will be discussed in the Big hall of the RAS tomorrow October 27. By the way, if usually the election of new members of the Academy took place once in two years, this time it will be elections for the first time in five years. Such a long time out of the Academy had to take in connection with the reform of the RAS, which occurred in 2013. This time in connection with the approved list of candidates in the updated Academy will be accepted 500 people.

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