The media reported the upcoming resignation of the chief editor of “Vedomosti”

Chief editor of “Vedomosti” Tatyana Lysova

Photo: Stanislav Krasilnikov/TASS

Chief editor of “Vedomosti” Tatyana Lysova, will leave his post in March 2017, reports “Echo of Moscow”. According to the radio, the decision was taken by the owner of the edition by Demyan Kudryavtsev

Chief editor of “Vedomosti” Tatyana Lysova, will leave his post, reports “Echo of Moscow” with reference to its sources.

The decision adopted by the owner of the edition Demyan Kudryavtsev, said the station. According to her, Lysova will leave his post in March next year.

Lysova and Kudryavtsev were not available for comment. The representative of the “Gazette” has promised to answer the questions of the RBC later.

Chief editor of “echo of Moscow” Alexei Venediktov tied the upcoming resignation of Lisovoi with the recent claim of CEO of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin to the newspaper “Vedomosti”. “Tatyana Lysova will leave the post of the chief editor of the newspaper Vedomosti in March. At once after the claim of Igor Sechin <…> Today will announce a decision”, – wrote in his Twitter Venediktov.

In September this year, the court on the claim Sechin demanded that the newspaper “Vedomosti” remove from the website edition of an article about the house of the plaintiff in the elite suburban village of Barvikha, and to destroy the surviving mintage numbers. In October, “Vedomosti” filed a court appeal against this judgment.

Kudryavtsev became the owner of “Vedomosti” in November 2015, buying the share of foreign owners edition – Pearson and Dow Jones. The sale of shares in the newspaper “Vedomosti” was related to the accepted shortly before this act, the 20% limitation of foreign ownership in media ownership.

After reports about the deal Lysova said in his Facebook that Kudryavtseva has no intention to change editor-in-chief. “At a meeting with the editorial Board Demyan Kudryavtsev said he had no intention to change editor-in-chief and he would like that I continue to work in the “Gazette” office,” she wrote.

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