The Ministry of culture was genuinely surprised Raikin statements about the “attack on art”

Statement by Konstantin Raikin about “attack on art” were a surprise to the Ministry of culture. It noted that about any censorship in the theatre of speech can not go, there is only support of government priorities.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Konstantin Raikin

Deputy Minister Alexander Zhuravsky commented on the loud statement of the head of the theatre “Satyricon” Konstantin Raikin, who, speaking at the all-Russian theatre forum, called on cultural workers for solidarity against “the attack on art”, as well as the closure of exhibitions and performances.

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The Ministry of culture noted that he did not know what they are talking about, nor about the possible closure of the theatre, Raikin, not about “censorship” and “attacks” on theaters.

“We… do not interfere in artistic activities, direct the selection of theater plays, materials,” — said Zhuravskii.

According to him, the Ministry has only the financial aspects, controlling the expenditure of budgetary funds to prevent their misuse.

As for the creative part, said the representative of the Ministry of culture, no there is no censorship, although the government “together with the theatre community” enables the production of those priorities, “which must be supported.”

He suggested that this Raikin calls “collisions”. “But it is the implementation of the policy”, — concluded Zhuravskii.

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