Alexander Emelianenko was replaced remainder of the term of correctional labour

Photo: Michael Pochuev/TASS

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13 Nov 2014, 22:41

The Borisoglebsk city court of the Voronezh region has replaced the fighter Alexander Emelyanenko in the colony unserved part of the punishment to correctional work, according to the judgment

Unserved part of the sentence be replaced by “correctional labor for a term of 2 years 23 days with deduction of 10% from wages of the convicted person in the state”.

Earlier on Thursday, October 27, media reported that the famous mixed martial arts fighter Alexander Emelianenko released from prison on PAROLE. The fighter attorney Kakhaber Dolaze RBC reported that “Alexander is currently in prison, but soon the situation may change”.

In may 2015 Simonovsky court of Moscow sentenced Emelianenko to 4.5 years of imprisonment and a fine of 50 thousand rubles. He was convicted of committing violent acts of a sexual nature and theft passport victim Polina Stepanova. The athlete denied his guilt, the victim stated he was pleased with the verdict and will not appeal.

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