Scientists for the first time in 500 years I looked under the plate of the Holy Sepulchre

A unique study in the main Shrine of Christendom – the tomb of Jesus Christ in the Lord’s Temple in Jerusalem was begun by scientists. The main goal was this time a marble slab covering the grave of Jesus Christ. To explore the original appearance of the tombs, the plate for the first time in 500 years removed from the place of burial.


To provide such a global study (in the framework of the restoration works in the chapel over the Sepulchre) consent was given by all the owners of the Edicule – the representatives of six faiths. Every action scientists recorded on video, to be released as a documentary. But as the experts of remove a heavy marble slab, you can see now – this fascinating fragment has already appeared in the Internet. The first thing that surprised scientists when the cover is moved, so that the space under it was filled as close as possible. The scientists also found there’s a huge amount of stones. -Has yet to be much scientific analysis, but finally we can see the original surface of the stone, which, according to legend, laid the body of Christ – said archaeologist Fredrik hibert

Recall that the Bible, after the crucifixion the body of Christ laid in one of the caves carved in the mountain and destined for burial. And on the third day there was a resurrection.

  • In Jerusalem, opened the grave of Jesus Christ and found a lot of stones

    In the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem for the first time in five centuries opened the tomb of Jesus Christ. Archeologists are going to understand how she was designed originally. The sepulchre was covered with a slab of marble, about 1555: it was believed that under it there is a stone on which in the cave laid the body of Jesus after the crucifixion. Archaeologists, removing the plate, I saw underneath not one stone, but many. The burial place of Christ found in the fourth century the Empress Elena — this place was built a Roman temple, the cave was filled.

    The decision to work in the temple was made in 2015, with the consent of the denominations represented in Jerusalem. Research and restoration has instructed the National technical University of Athens. The project cost $ 4 million.

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How did you learn the “MK”, the restoration work is carried out as gently as possible and quietly, considering the importance of place for believers. Recall that the Church of the Holy Sepulchre was built on the place where in the fourth century the Holy equal to the apostles Empress Helen found the cross on which

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