The Director of the school of Yakutia can get the Asian “Oscars”

On 24 November in Brisbane will be solemnly awarded the prize Asia Pacific Screen Awards (APSA), the so-called Asian “Oscar”. It is awarded for the tenth time for achievements in the field of cinema, created in the Asia-Pacific region – Australia, India, Cambodia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Japan, Israel, Iran, Korea, China, Russia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Turkey and other countries.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

The organizers of the awards emphasize that this vast territory is home to 4.5 billion people, is one-third of the earth’s surface, which accounts for half the world. In the Asian film Academy – more than 1,000 members. In total, the 2016 prize are 39 films from 19 countries. In the anniversary jury ARA includes five cinematographers in different years headed the jury of this award, British producer David Puttnam, the founder of the biggest in Asia Busan film festival and a great admirer of Russia Mr. Kim Dong Ho, the producer from Hong Kong, Nansun Shea, her Australian colleague Ian Chapman, Indian Director and screenwriter Shyam Benegal..

A year ago Russian films were presented in five categories, and the award for “Achievement in directing” was awarded to Alexey Herman-younger for a film “Under electric clouds, now eight paintings created in Russia or with its participation, nominated for the prestigious award. In the category “Best feature film” – “the Pupil” by Kirill Serebrennikov. Competition he put two Iranian painting “Daughter” and “Muhammad is the messenger of God”, as well as two Turkish paintings with good festival destiny.

In the category “Best female role” are two of our Actresses: Agrippina Steklov, perfectly played the nurse who gave hope suddenly blinded the man in the film “insight” by Alexander Kott, and brave Natalia pavlenkova in the role of a lonely employee of the zoo from a seaside town, which grew a tail, in “Zoology” Ivan Tverdovsky was the youngest. The competition will be named Turkish, Filipino and South Korean actress.

Ivan Tverdovskiy remembers how he starred in “Zoology”Natalia pavlenkova: “Poor Natalia! Thousands of times she had to try on different tails. Heavy and volosatie. The one you see in the film is made of silicone, it is operated with a remote. Changed variant, among them were the biblical, metaphorical, which in the end refused”. Natalia pavlenkova, says: “In life I’m just the opposite. To be gentle and meek not peculiar to me. But Ivan, I was pacified. Sometimes I cried into my pillow, but the captain on the bridge is always the same, and it’s not the artist she is, and the Director Tverdovsky. In that world, where my heroine, love does not exist. No it didn’t. Even without the tail it is useless. My character has no children, no friends. Every time I was wearing a rubber ass with a tail. So the whole day went. Didn’t drink anything.” In General, Natalia pavlenkova – our Isabelle Huppert, who is not afraid of anything.

Debutant Director from Yakutsk Dmitry Davydov, and he was school Director in district of Amga, which is 200 km from Yakutsk – represented in the nomination APSA UNESKO Aword with the painting “Fire in the wind,” has just awarded in Canada. The film tells about an elderly man who lost a son.

Full-length cartoons “Savva. A warrior’s heart,” music producer and composer Maxim Fadeev and “Wolves and sheep” Maxim Volkov and Andrew Galata nominated in the category “Best animated film”. The painting “In the Sun” by Vitaly Mansky, created in co-production of Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, Latvia, Korea, presented in the nomination “Best documentary”. Filmed in 2015, about eight-year-old North Korean schoolgirl Zin Mi and her family, she is triumphant at international festivals, was released in Russia, although some cinemas have been abandoned. From this film, Russian officials had worried, as having problems with the North Korean side, where Mansky was filming and did not fulfill iznachalno agreements. He managed to capture something that is forbidden, deceived the vigilance of the observers, who controlled his every move. Vitaly Mansky told the “MK”: “I made this film to deal with yourself, to understand how a person can live in a totalitarian past. For this I went to North Korea. Notes I didn’t get into our past. Such a regime there, there is nowhere else on Earth.”

“Strange house” debutante from Georgia, Rusudan of Georgia Glurdjidze, created with the participation of Russia, Spain and Croatia vying for the Asian “Oscars” for best cinematography ( Spanish operator Gorka Gomez, Andre).

At a ceremony in Brisbane is expected to more than 1000 delegates, including 500 foreign guests. Initially the competition was attended by a record number of films 303 of the 43 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The President of the International Council for the APSA nominations – film Director and screenwriter Hong-Yon Kim said: “”the Tenth year of the competition was a unique variety of films. In the list of paintings that we saw, there are commercial and art movies, Those produced by small independent studios and big companies. They are represented by countries where production has reached a high level and very young film industries. It is especially difficult this year to determine the nominees in the field of directing because of the large number of paintings beginner and experienced Directors, each with their own unique voice.”

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