Raikin succeeded: Medina apologized for the Deputy, and promised money

The scandal around the “Satyricon” settled, according to the theater. Vladimir Medinsky personally brought Konstantin Raikin apology and promised to help in a difficult financial situation.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Konstantin Raikin

We will remind, the head of the theatre “Satyricon” Konstantin Raikin said about the lack of money allocated by the Ministry of culture, on the premise that you have to rent, as the building of the theatre is under reconstruction.

Deputy Minister of culture of the Russian Federation Alexander Zhuravsky has promised that the money will only budget for 2017 have not yet been drawn up: the Ministry of culture sympathized with the “Satyricon”, but about money was silent

But after that Raikin at the Congress of the Union of theatrical figures of Russia, said the attacks on art and censorship, which caused criticism and even personal attack.

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For Raikin, as he puts it, “ran”, the Deputy Minister of culture Vladimir Aristarkhov and biker “the Surgeon” Zaldostanov, the application did not even like the Kremlin, but under the tutelage of Ramzan Kadyrov, “the Surgeon” to apologize did not: Kadyrov, the Kremlin pulled for demanding an apology before Zaldostanov Raikin

Unlike the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky at a joint meeting with the Director of “Satyricon” Anatoliy Balanchinym apologized to Raikin for “offensive language and tone” of his subordinate Aristarkhova, RIA Novosti reported. He is the artistic Director could not be present because he was on tour in Novosibirsk. Apologies Medina brought on the phone.

Later Polanski said that all divisions have yet been overcome. Also, an agreement was reached and on the financing of the theater.

Deputy Minister Alexander Zhuravsky said that “held a mutually respectful and trusting conversation.” According to him, once in the Duma will be converted into the Federal budget, the financing issue will be resolved: “the Minister gave these instructions,” — said Zhuravskii.

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“Konstantin Raikin asked money to the theater “Satyricon” did not come to an end”


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