“Doctor strange”: how Sherlock Holmes became a magician

If you love Benedict Cumberbatch, superheroes like Iron man and the Wizarding world of Harry Potter, “Doctor strange” will be a real boon for you. At first glance it’s an ordinary story about the budding superhero, has long been hackneyed to the audience, and after the disappointing “Batman vs. Superman” and all had an opportunity to become the major disappointment of the year. But the actors, special effects and magic worked well – “Doctor strange” was really worth seeing on the big screen.

The plot of the comic book blockbuster in the spirit of Marvel: simple, but with the claims. The history of the formation of the Supreme mage of the Earth, Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) begins with the fact that he despises any mysticism, trusting only in exact Sciences. Stephen strange is a cocky famous neurosurgeon who behaves arrogantly towards all others, whether colleagues, patients or ex-girlfriend (Rachel McAdams). Strange but very quickly lose the most important – after injuries sustained in a terrible car accident, he has to give up his beloved work. In search of a rational miracle that can heal injured hands, Dr. strange goes to Kathmandu, where he will learn the secret of the mystical arts.

Who is Doctor strange?

Cumberbatch is well known to viewers for her role in the British TV series “Sherlock” that brought him international popularity, good fee and many prestigious awards. But the first thing that catches the eye – an arrogant doctor strange far removed from the cynical detective Holmes. About the moral qualities of arrogant geniuses can argue, however, due to the charismatic actor, both of them are unconditionally warm to the audience, which is what I expect filmmakers.

For the role of Dr. Strange, the producers could invite any Hollywood celebrity, but the choice fell on Cumberbatch, who is due to Sherlock, the audience perceived as the main skeptic, and materialist of modern cinema. That he was entrusted to extend the limits of consciousness of the audience and to show that in the world there is a lot more than it seems at first glance.

It’s funny that the secrets of the universe hero of Cumberbatch introduces not the stereotypical Chinese white-haired teacher, and a bald heroine Tilda Swinton. Charismatic Elder Strange clearly explains what astral mirror, the dark dimension, and what man with his talents can achieve in witchcraft much more than in medicine. As one would expect, at the end of the movie the main character comes to an understanding of the higher mission that is more important than their own ambitions.

The film is a lot of exciting action scenes, many of which are reminiscent of the “Matrix” Wachowski or “the Beginning” Nolan (which is only a transformation of space and time, which is possible even in a trailer), but they look so that their comparison is not in favor of the first. The Director keeps himself in his hands and turns the wonders of computer graphics in a meaningless jumble of pixels. Speaking of the Director of the blockbuster, they became notorious Scott Derrickson, the Creator of the films “Sinister” and “the exorcism of Emily rose”, famous for its unconventional approach to everything supernatural and paranormal. However, the blockbuster by Marvel comics was not like the authentic horror, able to strike fear in even the most demanding fans of the horror genre. Obviously the merit of the producers, who prepared the “Dr. Strange” to the widest possible audience.

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In addition to the crazy attraction, the film was a place and drama, and humor, which mostly speak strange and his smart coat. This is the time to re-think the universe of Harry Potter, where magic wands and other artifacts have their own character.

Being 14 in a row Studio film, “Doctor strange” was probably the most revolutionary, at least a reboot of the superhero comics he provided. Now movie Marvel available not only Earth and space but also other dimensions and parallel worlds. And to know, what place among the familiar characters is Doctor strange, and how further events will develop, do not have to wait for the next movie about the Supreme magician. The first tips the creators of the blockbuster have already given in the epilogue that the most patient viewers will be able to see on the big screen immediately after the credits.

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