MAC said “explosive decompression” on Board crashed on mount Sinai A321

The wreckage at the crash site over the Sinai A321

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The A321 crash in Egypt

Mrs set place of blast effects on crashed in Egypt A321
21 Sep, 17:39

The experts found a place of a bookmark of bombs crashed over the Sinai A321
13 Sep, 04:21

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The Commission Mack, investigating the causes of the crash of the Russian aircraft A321 at Sinai, determined the area of the beginning of the destruction of the ship, finding evidence of the impact of the elements in the direction of “inside out” and “explosive decompression”

The interstate aviation Committee (IAC) on the anniversary of the crash A321 for Russian airline “Kogalymavia” over the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, which killed 224 people, has published interim results of the investigation of the crash.

“The result of this work was defined the area of the beginning of the destruction of the aircraft in the air and determined that the impact of high-energy items on the aircraft skin in the direction of “inside out” and “explosive decompression” in flight”, — reported on the website of Mak 31 Oct.

The Committee noted that the analysis of results of operations continues, the fragments of the aircraft structure was selected for further studies.

To date, the Commission to investigate the collapse of the liner have collected and analyzed information about the crew, operation of the aircraft and its systems in the last and previous flights, added the Mac. The government of Egypt participants in the investigation, handed over all the necessary information about the activities of the flight crew and the airline, the technical condition of the ship, its design and engines.

During the field phase of the investigation, the scheme was made scatter elements of the aircraft on the ground; in the course of 2015 in Egypt, Russia, Germany and France have conducted studies of fragments of the aircraft and onboard equipment having a non-volatile memory. In September 2016 in Cairo with the participation of specialists from Poppy France, Germany, Ireland and the United States were made “kit” of fragments of aircraft design and engines, said the poppy.

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Sinai accident: what is known about the collapse of the Russian A321 a year later

Exactly a year ago, October 31, 2015, the A321 aircraft to the Russian airline “Kogalymavia” carrying out flight from Sharm El Sheikh to St Petersburg, disappeared from radar after 23…

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A321, performing flight from Sharm El Sheikh to St Petersburg, crashed in the Sinai Peninsula, half an hour after departure on 31 October 2015. All 224 people on Board were killed. 212 of them were citizens of Russia, four citizens of Ukraine and one was a citizen of Belarus. Disaster was the largest in the history of Soviet and Russian aviation.

Responsibility for the plane crash took the banned terrorist group “Islamic state”.

The group on investigation of the crash included experts from Russia, Egypt, France (the developer of the aircraft), Germany (the manufacturer of the liner) and Ireland (state of registration).

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The crash of the Russian Airbus A321 in Egypt

On the morning of October 31 in Egypt crashed aircraft A321 for Russian airline “Kogalymavia”. The liner was carrying out flight on a route Sharm El-Sheikh — Saint Petersburg. …

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As reported by the Egyptian civil aviation authority, the plane was flying at an altitude of 9.4 km and then sharply decreased to 1.5 km and then disappeared from radar. 17 November 2015, the head of FSB Alexander Bortnikov has called the incident aboard the A321 is a terrorist attack. According to him, the study of personal belongings, baggage and aircraft parts found in them traces of explosives.

Earlier, the head of the defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu said that the incident was standing terrorist group “Vilayat Sinai,” Sinai unit “Islamic state”.

Flights from Russia to Egypt after the collapse of the liner was suspended. Russia insists on the need to ensure security in the airports of Egypt for the resumption of flights between the two countries.

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